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"Mad Men's,"Season 7 Premiere

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"Mad Men's,"Season 7 Premiere


For the seventh and final season of "Mad Men," fans are taking solace in the little teasers that AMC has been doling out. Like the first trailer of the final season that debuted on Thursday, March 6, but the 15-second clip of Don Draper descending a Golf Stream airplanes staircase that really didn't give us much info about the impending final season. Except that Draper must have traveled on his private jet into the future, G3s didn't exist yet, would have been a single prop plane.

For it's art poster, complete with a psychedelic design, something that has, according to "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner “a little furry",“kind of Luddite” and “as strange as it might sound, something with flowers.” For that feat, AMC enlisted a talented graphic designer who was a former member of the advertising community that the show depicts. 84-year-old artist Milton Glaser for the official poster art for Season 7, and it perfectly celebrates the advertising industry.

Don Draper's advertising industry, that unpredictable ad man who in season 7, we see stepping off a plane. On the west coast.In this new, quick teaser for "Mad Men," Letting us believe that Don Draper is leaving the swanky, New York digs for his agency's new Los Angeles office, where he'd work alongside Pete Campbell? Or maybe just getting off a plane at JFK and starting a new life out west all together?

All these questions will surely be addressed when "Mad Men's,"Season 7 premieres in a few weeks, and the smash drama takes a final whirl around the world of big-time advertising. In the ’60s, were we're looking at maybe a possibility of Don Draper dropping LSD with Roger Sterling this year? Or imaging, Sharon Tate Megan, drinking a poisoned glass...ooooh, scary.

Face it, fans will scrutinize the most mundane of over what the final season teaser brings with it's usual conspiracy theories.

There is one fact! AMC announced in September that it is splitting the show's final season, with the first seven episodes of the season airing Spring 2014 and the last seven coming in Spring 2015. Yes that's correct in all of 2014, fans of the stylish drama only get seven episodes before a wait of another 10 months for the sure to be epic series finale. Or stand down and get the compete box set in 2016!

Just kidding, regardless the impending final season,of AMC's "Mad Men," premieres April 13, tune in to find out the answers to all your unanswered questions.


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