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Machete don't tweet: 'Machete Kills' movie review

Machete Kills


Oh Machete, Machete, Machete what are we to do with you? Your first film was awesome and a complete blast to watch and your sequel would seem to be more of the same. But, occasionally you stray a bit too far into whacky town for me.

The Machete Kills poster.
Universal Pictures

Clones? Laser guns? Mel Gibson? It's a bit far-fetched from your Grindhouse goodness for me. But you still manage to entertain.

Machete is recruited by the President to stop a madman with a missile aimed at Washington. What follows is a completely insane film replete with blood and guts and insanity thrown in the blender to make a really odd film.

I did enjoy this movie, more for the first half than for the second. It has basically the same make-up of the original but just feels a bit too odd. The beginning as I've said is pretty cool. Machete on a mission that causes him to be hunted by contract killers for a bounty on his head. But it's the second half where things derail slightly.

Mel Gibson is a super-scientist who has not only created clones but also a space station and science fiction weaponry aplenty. His vehicle for traveling around his factory looks like Luke Skywalker's speeder, and he is kidnapping Hispanics to work on his space station. His plan is to destroy the world and remake it in his own fashion with his own chosen people.

Uh, what? I thought I was set up for another fun'filled romp through action central not a rip-off of Moonraker. If your plan was to rip off a Bond film you could have picked something a tad better.

I know it sounds like I hated the film but it does have a few awesome moments. And the fights and action sequences are amazing. It just got a bit stupid is all.

Danny Trejo is awesome as Machete, and it's great to see my man Walt Goggins get a small part. And Mel Gibson is good at capitalizing on all the craziness that is being Mel Gibson. Sofia Vergara talking things that would make a sailor blush is worth some great chuckles. And it was great to see Cuba Gooding Jr. do something.

All in all it's passable and worth a rent only hardcore Machete afficionado's should consider buying. Three Stars.

I've added a link to the film's content advisory page here. And a link to Amazon's Machete Kills page here.

So if you liked the first you'll have fun with the second. If you hated the first you will not be a big fan of this one either. Peace out.

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