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Macbeth storms the Castle (Island)

Brown Box Theatre Project's 'Macbeth'


Gather round for a tale of ambition, magic, betrayal and murder. Can you imagine a better backdrop for Shakespeare's Macbeth than a fort that resembles a castle? The Brown Box Theatre Project presented Macbeth at Fort Independence on Castle Island on Thursday, which was Aug. 28, 2014. If you missed that spectacular (and free) performance, you are probably kicking yourself. Do yourself a favor this Labor Day weekend and get yourself some culture. You can still catch the next “Free Shakespeare at the Beach” in Boston on both Aug. 30 and Aug. 31 at the Atlantic Wharf (Right near the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum or the Boston Children's Museum). The schedule for upcoming shows is here.

For the most updated information, like the Brown Box Theatre Project on Facebook. They are good for the community, especially along the eastern seaboard. “Brown Box is a non-profit theatre company dedicated to providing access to live theatre to communities with little or no access to the medium.” The gist is that you can see talented thespians perform at Broadway quality at little or no cost.

Here's a quote from their website:

We at Brown Box see theatre as a democratic art form. We believe that theater does not live in the academy but in the streets. Unfortunately, professional theater in this country has contracted to a handful of geographic locations, leaving the impression that it is the exclusive domain of the elite. We want to battle this misconception. Like the traveling medieval troupes that brought their shows from the cities to the villages on the back of a wagon, we load up our truck and bring theatre to the people. We are not in the business of discriminating: our repertoire includes the classical and the contemporary, the celebrated and the obscure. Our taste tends toward sets that are simple, characters that provoke, and language that resonates. Anything that doesn't fit in the truck gets left behind.”

You won't see a more convincing portrayal of Macbeth and you'll certainly never encounter a sexier troupe of actors. Seriously, is there something in the water? It must be that dirty water.