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Mac Miller releases a classic titled 'Faces'

Album Cover
Album Cover
Mac Miller

Mac Miller - "Faces"


This Mother’s Day Mac Miller released his first mixtape of the year. The mixtape is called ‘Faces’ and is compromised of twenty four tracks featuring artists such as Earl Sweatshirt, Rick Ross and even Mike Jones. (Who?) Yes, Mike Jones.

This mix tape is the first project Mac has released since announcing his departure from Rostrum Records this January. Mac was signed to Rostrum Records out of Pittsburg and released his debut album 'Blue Slide Park' which reached all the way to No. 1 on the charts. Rostrum was also responsible for releasing 'Watching Movies With the Sound Off' last summer.

Before Mac was signed to Rostrum, he was known as the mix tape King releasing the famous mixtape 'K.I.D.S' which became the reason he was signed to the label. 'Blue Slide Park' was the first number one album released by a independent label since 'The Dogg Pound' in 1995. Five months after leaving a major label Mac is back on the mix tape wave.

When Mac came out in 2010, he showed promise in being a successful commercial rap artist. He proved many to be correct after releasing songs like “Knock, Knock.” Mac Miller didn’t allow this label, or this hit song, to dictate his career. 'Watching Movies With the Sound Off', and his new tattoos that completely cover his body, displayed his dedication to follow his own creative path.

Less than a year after 'Watching Movies With the Sound Off,' Mac Miller has blessed the public with another project that displays his progressive, creative sound. The mix tape, considerably more like an album, is simplistic in production wise, but calmly pleases the ear like nothing released by a major hip hop artists recently. His rhymes are humorous and sly with a stream of conscious style. His voice compliments the chill beats that dominate the album. Mac himself describes this project,

So many things that I have created
But this right here might be my favorite

The album can be considered backpack style rap but Mac does not turn down his humor or his clever bars. There are Odd Future vibes with appearances by Earl Sweatshirt and a hype up track titled ‘Insomniak’ with an appearance from Rick Ross. The producers list for 'Faces' has not been released yet but whoever the producers are deserve a huge pat on the back. The album is already certified Gold on with around 113,000 downloads. This mix tape is one of the best mix tapes so far in 2014. It has all the potential to become the best mixtape in all of 2014.

Mac Miller has changed throughout his career. There is absolutely no negative connotation in that statement either. As Mac spits in his song “Insomniak”

I don’t get enough credit. Don’t sleep!!

Don’t sleep and listen to ‘Faces’ any hip hop fan will not be disappointed. This is surprisingly a more than pleasant display of hip hop in an age where many think the genre to be deceased.

Download 'Faces' here:

Suggested tracks:
'Polo Jeans' (Featuring Earl Sweatshirt)
'Colors and Shapes'
'Insomniak' (Featuring Rick Ross)
'Uber' (Featuring Mike Jones)

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