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Lynam rocks with Halfway To Hell

Halfway To Hell by Lynam


I found out about this band when I had interviewed Steven Adler when his album came out and they were headed Syracuse’s way for a show, at first I was asking “Why are these guys backing up another band?” I got my answer as I spoke with drummer, wise-ass, comedian, and along with the rest of these cross-dressing rednecks from Alabama, David Lynam. They are just cool dudes who love to laugh, make a lot of friends. The singer Jacob Bunton had made friends with Steven and co-wrote some things. Thus, their journey into the wild world of Adler which brought exposure to more people and more places. I don’t know why, I mean, the music just sucks really.

Halfway To Hell album art
Photo credit: Alan Matthews Cover design: Lonny Paul

Okay, I take all of that back. David opined on how they had not gotten any bad reviews or that people always misspell the name or say it wrong; I got it right the first time and the dude gushed forth like a guy dressed in women’s clothing on how cool that was. (Gotcha again Dave)

So, all of that was meant to make him laugh. The truth is, Lynam kicks some ass and the music may be some of the best being written and recorded by anyone these days. They do look like Guns N’ Roses in the way they dress with maybe a little Motley Crue (or is it Adam Ant?) thrown in. They have a cool look to go with the music. It all rocks. Now, these guys are not your typical rockers, they are smart, stay pretty damn clean save for the occasional STD (kidding) and Jacob doesn’t smoke or drink. These guys know 1,000 songs and play their own music and mix in plenty of covers even though they have 7 studio records of their own. Pretty damn impressive.

The bands latest is “Halfway To Hell” and is half an hour of pure killer rock tunes. They really could care less how you get it either, but however that happens, this is a must have for your music collection. As I said, I spoke to drummer David Lynam as seen below. (I had to edit the hell out of it; the dude can talk man!) However, he is engaging, smart, funny as all hell and as local a musician as you can get from a touring musician. Go get the album, go see them live, go demand your favorite venue get them there immediately.

Lynam is:

Jacob Bunton - Vocals, Guitar
David Lynam - Drums, Vocals
Lonny Paul - Guitar, Vocals
Mark Dzier- Bass, Vocals

Halfway To Hell tracks:

  • Rise Up
  • Halfway To Hell
  • Dead Mans Parade
  • Cold
  • Store Bought Halo
  • Wrong Side Of The Grave

Interview with David Lynam

*Edited for length and accuracy, audio links to the full interview

Lynam released “Halfway To Hell’ in December and I just listened to it, great CD, can you talk about getting the album done and describe it?

We kind of got motivated to get in the studio when Jacob did that project with Adler. It shined a light on us and got us into parts of the world that we had never been noticed before. It turned a lot of our heroes onto our music. They started contacting us saying your music never leaves my CD or iPod, and it fired us up really.

I had talked to Steven Adler when you guys were headed this way and it wasn’t long after that when he canceled the tour and went back into rehab.

He was surrounded by a lot of yes men out there who were worried about the money and not his health so much. They made the decision, the band as a whole, they weren’t dragging Steven out on the road because of his health. Keeping the cronies away from him was the hard part.

You guys are really cool with press types no matter what they do, I’ve seen countless interviews on YouTube this morning, do you ever get into an interview and think ‘What the hell is this?’

(Laughs) What’s funny is we’ve gotten to an interview and the interviewer is saying “What the hell is this?” (Laughs)

Halfway To Hell is the bands 7th album and you also now have your original bassist back as well, correct?

Yes, 7th studio album and we have one live album out there. We took 10 or 12 tracks from over the years and tried to pick the best ones but we didn’t correct anything, so if there was a mistake it’s there.

The album really is just great straight up rock, how’s it going so far?

Man! We haven’t had a bad review yet! I keep telling my friends to get on there and rip us up (laughs) at least get one bad review out there because it doesn’t seem believable that everyone likes it, but all the magazines, the online services, everyone seems to love it. You know people talk about you, but you can’t get them to talk about you to your face (laughs) I do know this, it’s a quick listen, you’re in and out of it in 30 minutes.

I see you have some dates planned, what lies ahead as we all start thinking summer time?

Well, we’ve got us for the first time in several years, a great booking agent. We’ve got a busy summer starting mid-May and going right through to the end of July. We do want to get over into Europe! You’ll get a kick out of this our booking agent is the guitarist for Quiet Riot.

Oh! No shit?

Yeah it’s great really because he’s a musician, he understands routing and all that. So we said just book us everywhere as long as it doesn’t cost us an arm and a leg.

You guys have had some success on the active rock charts and did I see that some of them were on video games, HBO, and others? Can you talk about that a bit?

Active rock radio is just dwindling away it seems. We’re not a household name but we want to conquer the world one town at a time. We’ve done more than anyone else in our town but everyone thought we had broken up when the Adler thing fell apart.

“Dead Man’s Parade,” killer tune, what’s it about?

It’s one of the two songs that was written for the Adler project and for some reason Adler didn’t like it. What’s it about? I have no idea, you have to ask Lonny. I think it’s a song about addiction or something like that, Jacob doesn’t do anything, doesn’t go out, smoke, drink, so I’m just the animal on the drums and have no idea what they are singing about (laughs)

You guys play covers at your shows as well as your own stuff, how do you go about picking what songs to play?

That’s how we cut our teeth we literally know a thousand songs. We actually played my high school reunion which was cool, I looked around and said “Hey, I’m getting paid to be here, I don’t know what your deal is” (laughs) We can kind of eyeball a crowd and figure out what they want to hear.

Are we going to see you up here at all?

We have a lot of friends in the New Jersey Rhode Island area, we are just waiting for it to warm up! Like you said, it’s freezing up there and we are a bunch of wusses (laughs) Look at our singer, he’s as skinny as my finger and he whines, bitches, and complains. Our tour bus, it’s in sections, he has the back and it’s a sauna in there!

You guys do bust each others balls a lot though.

Yeah we do man, it’s just how we grew up. Our old bass player, he used to get his feelings hurt and we were like man, you are in the wrong band if you can’t handle this stuff! (Laughs) I mean we get reviews of our shows and people are always busting on the pictures and how we look, it makes us laugh man!

All right man, I appreciate this and what would you like to say to the fans and new readers out there?! Obviously, we are a band that takes ourselves REALLY serious! Check us out, listen, if you can find a copy, share it, burn it, whatever. We sell them at the shows for 10 and a shirt is 15 but we will take what we can, we know music is free out there and we want to be in your iPod. So, just get the music!


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