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Lusicious like pink sweets

Tonner Dolls


Hi there, NY Doll Collectors.

©Tonner Doll Company Inc. All rights reserved. Photography by Photography by Storm Photo, Kingston NY (Ma Petite Rose)
Images Courtesy Tonner Doll Company, Inc.
"What do you think? Are these dolls that make the palette react?  If not, you have to admit they are luscious like pink sweets"
Images Courtesy Tonner Doll Company, Inc. ©Tonner Doll Company Inc. All rights reserved. Dolls For the Holidays! Photography by Storm Photo, Kingston, NY.

I was viewing some of the Tonner Doll Company’s doll collections and there were a few dolls that really caught my eye. Or maybe I should say, made my mouth water. The fabrics on the dolls of Ma Petite Rose, Elegance #93 and Captivating Kitty, are so luscious that they look like a sweet strawberry soufflé. It may seem like an odd way to describe dolls and the outfits that they are adorned in. But the colors are so vibrant, so bright and decadent that one's palette can be engaged, as well as one's love for doll collecting. Let’s take a look at some of these dolls.

Ma Petite Rose, wearing a beautiful light pink Cinderella type dress, that has a wonderful vision that could be similar to a beautiful pink or raspberry soufflé. Look at the beautiful folds and delicate tucks, decorated trim of a creamy delicate lace over pink ribboned fabric.

How about Captivating Kitty in a shimmering dress that has a splendid fullness and brings a glamour that is as luscious as a beautiful pink wedding cake. And the cream coat tops it off lovely.

Then there is Elegance #93 with sugar like flowers and satin in all its glory. The folds on the dress are as delicate as the slices within this beautiful display of sweetness.

What do you think? Do these dolls make the palette react? Even if there is a limit, you have to admit they have the look and lusciousness like pink sweets. Visit our gallery to view these beautiful dolls from Tonner Doll Company

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