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Lure of the flies: Stinger hopes to make your picnic a "no fly" zone

Paper picnic products are displayed preceding July 4th, 2005 in Rosemont, Illinois
Paper picnic products are displayed preceding July 4th, 2005 in Rosemont, Illinois
Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Stinger No Touch Fly Trap


The number one complaint Fourth of July revelers have every year is not making sure the dog stays in the bun -- though yes, that is important -- but rather, keeping bugs and flies at bay. Or if you're not near a bay, at someone else's picnic (kidding).

In an effort to investigate how best to do this, your intrepid examiner actually assembled the Stinger "No Touch" Fly Trap, a container about 9 inches tall and which resembles a recyclable hot to-go cup. However, it is tastefully green and flourishes like stenciled leaves obscure a view of those pesky flies.

Following is my review for your consumption, ur, edification:

  • Appeal: One will be immediately drawn to both the idea of a "no touch" fly trap and the pretty green color. That it can be hung on a rung outside your home, perhaps on the patio or deck, is a plus.
  • Price: Excellent. Just a bit over 10 bucks with tax. That's 10 fly swatters from the Dollar Store, but how much headache and hassle for your hubby, who has to swat them away from you?
  • Practicality: This is the ideal gizmo for someone who sits in their backyard regularly, barbeques and entertains. For single apartment dwellers it's impractical. For, unless one has a yard or balcony, it doesn't make sense. Writing on the box warns not to use it inside, and unfortunately, that's where many of we apartment dwellers deal with flies.
  • ROI: Very good. While I didn't stare too hard to see how many flies had died, I did see gnats immediately drawn to the device, which is full of a special "lure" that encourages their insect appetites to chow down. There is no immediate kill, but they will drown in the fluid.
  • Greenness: Very green. One can switch out the lure periodically, but the device itself could be used for years. One can recycle the cardboard box the unit is housed in.

The Lowdown:

  • The "no-touch" system offers a bag release/sealing mechanism for hands-free, and purportedly spill-proof disposal
  • Lures activate within a day or 36 hours
  • Lures must be replaced every 30 days
  • According to the manufacturer, the powder lure is "comprised of natural, food-grade ingredients" that come inside the disposable bags. These activate with the addition of water.

So while this isn't something I would normally buy, I definitely would recommend the Stinger No Touch Fly Trap to friends who are homeowners, or my mother, who lives in South Texas. Wherever large amounts of insects congregate, Stinger will be of use. Now, where's that hot dog ...

For more information on the Stinger No Touch Fly Trap, including seeing pictures of it, please visit:

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