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Lumsing External Battery Pack Charger Power Bank (11000mAh) [Review]

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Lumsing External Battery Pack Charger Power Bank (11000mAh)


The Lumsing External Battery Pack Charger Power Bank, a very useful charger when you need to charge multiple devices simultaneously or to charge something on the go. You are able to charge up to five smart phones simultaneously or 2 tablets at most . The packaging is very simple and organized. The package includes the charger itself, two USB cables, five connectors (support for variety of different devices), a carrying bag, and a user guide.

The charger dimensions are the following, the size of the charger is 3.70 x 3.15 x 1.10 inches and the weight is 10.58 ounces. While this charger may not be compact enough to be carried around in your pocket, it is still small enough to be carried anywhere in some sort of case or bag. It does have some weight to it when compared to a smart phone, but it’s not much to where it will not become a problem or issue when trying to carry this charger.

As mentioned already, the great thing about this charger is charging multiple devices simultaneously. Each USB port has a specified output in terms of how much power it will push out to your device. For example, the charger has two 1A output ports to where these two outputs would be ideal in using for smart phones due to its low output power. The charger also has higher output ports such as a 1.3A output port and a 2.1A output port to which these two ports would be ideal for tablets and smart phones that require more power intake or input. There is also a 0.5A output port which would basically be used for small battery capacity devices.

Performance wise, this charger has exceeded my expectations. It was able to charge my smart phone and tablet rather quickly. Also, the battery pack seems to be very effective in sustaining the charge over time and through multiple uses. I have yet to recharge the battery charger since it has yet to be drained fully or at least to the point where it has only 1 light lit up meaning it is very low in terms of battery charge left. This of course will depend on how many devices you charge and the time utilized in charging those devices. This device in the end, is a very good buy for those seeking a charger that can charge multiple devices without having to worry about switching out one device for another and for charging on the go.