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Lula's Chocolates

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Lula's Chocolates of Monterey


In Monterey for some people, every day is Valentines Day. I know, one gentleman in particular, who celebrates his grandmother Lula's chocolate recipe year round with the world.

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To quote Scott Lund directly from Lula's website;“ Confectionery is really about the marriage of chemistry and art...” And certainly where affection and confection intersect, true love is in the mix.

If true love, and Valentines day means anything to you, it becomes your duty to do it right.

By that I mean not waiting till the last minute to deliver your gesture of affection. Keep in mind that a few sweet words of your very own ~ will hold your private audience captive long enough for you to zone in close enough to stir a kiss and maybe more. (I'm talking about chocolate here Y'all)

In Monterey, it's 'chocolate weather' year round, so you can drop right by the Lula factory on Harris Street off Ryan Ranch or head over to the shop on Crossroads Shopping Center in Carmel to see the latest in chocolate finery. Upscale grocery stores, and even hotels are stocking up for V Day, so, indulge yourself in the full array of the freshest of options, perhaps even a sample to help you decide just which flavor will provide the greatest mileage.

Distant lovers will get the benefit of web delivery, but you're already in trouble unless you can overnight your affectionate a confection.

Rumor has it that Lula's is hosting a "First Fridays at Lula’s Chocolates” featuring a ‘flavor-of-the-month,’ as well as showcasing local artists‘work. Each first Friday of the month, a reception from 4-6 p.m. will treat guests to taste-test one of Lula’s newest creations.

After all, love doesn't happen just once a year ~ at least I hope not!