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Lucy will change your Mind

Lucy gets out of her mind
Lucy gets out of her mind



It’s been awhile since a SCI FI movie actually made me feel excited for the genre again and Lucy is a recommended summer sizzler. Visually and intellectually the movie grabs and pulls you in from the first scenes and throughout the film with chases, transformations and radical thinking.
The necessary action scenes for a summer blockbuster are in place and there’s little more anyone could do after the Matrix but it’s what Lucy’s character (Scarlett Johansson) does with her new ‘gifts’ that leave you breathless at least from the many thoughts running around in your brain.
Speaking of the brain, it’s Lucy’s off chance ‘luck’ to be used as a drug mule to tote the new trendy synthetic form of CPH4 which begins to radically alter the body via the brain. Planting a sack in her stomach, the drug lords foolishly don’t know the power of the concoction and it turns Lucy into a badass machine against her oppressors fairly quickly.
Professor Norman played by Morgan Freeman holds the glue to the movie together explaining hypotheses about brain capacity and what could happen if it was unlocked to full potential. Critics of the film’s plot seem to be clueless about how genetic coding can be altered and because Lucy is capable of controlling cells she is actually rewriting or at least exploring potential possibilities of her genetic code. It’s not her brain making her hair change or her body morph or even kicking killer’s butts with a wave of a hand; it’s how she is controlling the environment around here, including a lot of energy fields we pitiful humans cannot see.
Lucy causes a lot of collateral damage in order to save the recipe so Professor Norman can study the phenomena. Whether the CPH4 has the potential to unlock everyone’s brain potential is unanswered.
The most visually crafted scenes come during the movie’s climax where Lucy exceeds a need for human form and interacts with a computer thus making her able to not only control cells and matter but now time. It’s time which defines everything for human existence and it is truly the only valid measure of the universe itself according a fully enlightened Lucy happy to transcend human pain, fear and desire for the wildest ride in the universe.
Lucy’s worth a second look whether you go to see it again in theaters or on DVD and I’m excited to see Johansson do three SCI FI movies in a row!