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'Lucy' in D-Box is a funfair ride with Scarlett Johansson on your lap

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Director and co-writer Luc Besson apparently has this perfect way to describe 'Lucy' at the script stage (via Indiewire):

'Lucy' in D-Box is a funfair ride with Scarlett Johansson on your lap
Screen capture by Kempton Lam

"This film is extremely visual. [...] I have come up with a simplified summary there, like a reader's guide, [...]

- the beginning is LEON THE PROFESSIONAL

- the middle is INCEPTION

- the end is 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY

Don't interpret this as pretension [sp] on my part, merely a visual, emotional and philosophical point of reference."

After watching Lucy in D-Box yesterday, this reviewer thinks Besson's description is right on. Lucy is engaging and entertaining enough that you won't (and shouldn't) question the logic of the pseudo brain science (we only use 10% of our brain power). The beautiful Scarlett Johansson is talented enough to hold your interest. Morgan Freeman plays a brain scientist. Freeman soothing voice and trustworthy presence will convince those the come for a ride to 'trust' the 'science'. Korean actor Choi Min-sik (the star of "Oldboy") plays a totally evil drug dealer Mr. Jang and he is a delight to watch even though once Lucy gains her power, you never feel that Mr. Jang and his Korean thugs could remotely hurt Lucy. And the Cineplex D-Box (the bigger chair that tilts and shakes) enabled 'Lucy' experience makes 'Lucy' feels like a funfair ride with Scarlett Johansson on your lap!

Time Magazine review,

"The cleverness in Besson’s film isn’t in its pseudo-science premise — that Johansson’s Lucy is transformed from a clueless American grad student to a genius and martial-arts adept as her brain-use percentage spirals from 10 toward 100. No, it’s in showing that from great power can come both genetic transformation and personal tragedy. While Marvel heroes live on in countless remakes and reboots, Lucy may not survive the toxic drug that makes her unique. But it has given her a glimpse of the big cosmic picture. “Life was given to us a billion years ago,” she says in voiceover at the film’s beginning. “What have we done with it?” By the end, she’ll show you."