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"Loyalty Unleashed: Pit Bulls and the People Who Love Them" a must read for all

Loyalty Unleashed: Pit Bulls and the People Who Love Them


Last November, Sue Torres had an idea for a book she wanted to write that would shed a positive light on Pit Bulls. Sue reached out to the public, asking people to share their uplifting stories about the experiences they had with the breed. Many of the emails she got came in response to an article in this column.

This book is a "must read"!
Sue Torres

The book is now published. "Loyalty Unleashed: Pit Bulls and the People Who Love Them" is an absolute "must read" for anyone who has ever loved a Pit Bull. As a matter of fact, if you are curious about the breed, on the fence, wondering why or how people are in love with them or just breathing the same air as those of us who love and support these dogs, you should read the book.

This collection of life changing moments includes dogs with varying degrees of celebrity, stars of their own Facebook pages, therapy dogs, dogs who suffered abuse and neglect, throw aways, strays and unlikely adoptions. Several of the stories are from people who did not start out as fans of the breed, uncertain about bringing a Pit Bull into their homes, but were won over by the never ending depth of the love they were given in return for taking a chance on a dog that no one wanted. It's a book that is hard to put down.

"Loyalty Unleashed: Pit Bulls and the People Who Love Them" has already topped the chart in its category and is available online. Sue Torres is also making personal appearances to sign copies of the book at fundraising events, donating a portion of the proceeds to the cause. Two such events are for Kenway's Cause on June 26 and for Hounds Healing Heroes on July 20. For more dates and other information, check out Sue's Love of Pit Bulls on Facebook.