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Loving Hut’s Wild West Burger: Veggie burgers can taste like the real thing

Loving Hut's Wild West Burger
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Loving Hut's Wild West Burger


The most common reason why meat eaters love eating meat is because they enjoy how it tastes. Regardless of our society’s growing cognizance of the ethical, health, and environmental consequences associated with consuming meat, the pleasure that meat-eaters receive from eating it leads them to choose to consume it rather than acknowledge the consequences associated with this choice.

Veggie burgers are most often the first non-animal food item that meat-eaters consume here in the United States. This is because the hamburger is one of the most recognizable food items in the diet of the American culture. With the growth of veganism/vegetarianism, it’s not uncommon to see veggie burgers being served at a backyard barbecue, and during holiday celebrations such as the Fourth of July or Memorial Day.

It is usually in these settings where meat-eaters have their first taste of veggie burgers and then go on to make the decision to incorporate them into their regular diet. Eventually, they become more comfortable with consuming other meat substitutes that imitate the taste of chicken, turkey, and seafood.

Loving Hut, a growing vegan restaurant chain with over 200 locations around the world, serves perhaps one of the tastiest vegan/veggie burgers on the market called the Wild West Burger. Loving Hut has done an extraordinary job of mimicking the nostalgic backyard BBQ taste that burger lovers crave.

Their recipe contradicts the common reputation (amongst non-vegetarians) of veggie burgers being something a person eats straight from a silver hors d'oeuvre tray with a toothpick at some fancy gathering. This isn’t the case with Loving Hut’s Wild West Burger. You have to hold it with both hands and with your fingers practically fully extended while eating it. The burger is that big!

The Wild West Burger is as messy and as juicy as any regular hamburger, and you would be well advised to keep a napkin nearby while enjoying it, otherwise the BBQ sauce on the soy patty will drip onto your shirt sleeve. The soy patty has a remarkable flame-broiled taste to it, which is complemented by a slice of melted vegan cheddar cheese oozing on top and down the side of the patty.

Three thick breaded onion rings, along with a layer of vegan bacon strips, lettuce, tomato, and a sesame seed bun add to the height of this monstrosity of a veggie burger, making it almost impossible to fit into the mouth of the average person without a minor struggle. Indeed, it is this struggle to get that first bite of the burger into your mouth, along with a genuine flame-broiled taste that defines a good burger, whether the burger is derived from a plant or an animal.

Loving Hut’s Wild West Burger truly rivals the best beef burgers out there as far as taste and texture is concerned, and its taste is memorable enough to make even the most hardcore meat-eater think twice about eating another beef hamburger again.

For more information about Loving Hut’s Wild West Burger, and to find a location near you where you can taste it for yourself, visit A link to their locations around the world is also provided on that page.