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Loving Hut’s Cali Burrito is stuffed with vegan goodness

Cali Burrito is stuffed with vegan goodness
Cali Burrito is stuffed with vegan goodness
Photo by Terence Jacinto

Loving Hut's Cali Burrito


A fun way to consider the quality of a burrito is to hold it in both of your hands and imagine how much it would hurt if it were to drop on your foot. Loving Hut’s Cali Burrito is so massive that it may do just that if it were to fall on it (figuratively of course)! A word to the wise; Loving Hut’s Cali Burrito is not suited for individuals looking for a small, quick bite to eat. It’s meant to be eaten slowly and enjoyed with care. The Cali Burrito was created to fulfill the cravings of the vegan foodie in search of that authentic ‘burrito cart taste’ that’s synonymous with the burritos food cart vendors sell to urban workers running around downtown during their lunch break (which are known to be some of the best tasting burritos on the West Coast).

Just take a look at how big the Cali Burrito is in the picture for this article. It’s longer than the interior diameter of a large dinner plate when it's not partitioned in half! Chances are the majority of people who encounter the Cali Burrito for the first time will probably ask themselves; ‘How am I going to manage to eat this whole thing?’ Indeed, it’s likely safe to say that most of the people who ask themselves this question will quickly change their mind once they take their first bite as their discretion transforms into ravenousness.

The first thing a person enjoying the Cali Burrito will taste is its ‘pressed’ flour tortilla, which is unlike the taste of the steamed and soggy flour tortillas that are commonly found in the majority of burritos served at traditional Mexican restaurants. Indeed, the Cali Burrito’s pressed flour tortilla is one of the things that gives it its authentic ‘burrito cart taste’ that Mexican foodies don't normally find at traditional Mexican restaurants. The aroma from the grilled soy streak strips and the vegan cheese sauce that lines the bottom of the Cali Burrito is released into the air once the thick, pressed, flour tortilla is penetrated. Furthermore, the Cali Burrito comes fully loaded with giant slices of avocado along with diced tomato, onions, cilantro, and vegan sour cream.

The soy steak strips are perhaps the stand out ingredient in the Cali Burrito because of their appearance, realistic beef-like texture, and unique combination of Mexican style seasoning which ultimately gives the Cali Burrito its one-of-a-kind flavor. It's also served with homemade salsa, lettuce, and slices of tomato on the side, along with a generous serving of fries. Another important quality of the Cali Burrito is it consists of organic, non-GMO sourced ingredients, which serves to enhance its flavor and richness.

Since Loving Hut’s Cali Burrito is entirely plant-based, the whole thing can be consumed in a single sitting without the digestive process of the average person weighing her/him down for several hours and robbing them of valuable energy, which is a common occurrence that people normally experience after eating a ‘meat-based’ burrito of equal proportions to the Cali Burrito.

Loving Hut’s Cali Burrito is awarded ‘five out of five stars’ for its superior authentic taste, the freshness of its ingredients, affordability, size, and most importantly its ability to appeal to the palates of both vegans and people who eat meat regularly, but who may want a break from eating it from time to time.

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