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Here’s a book you do not want to judge by its cover. (Seriously, Zondervan, what were you thinking?) Loveology: God, love, marriage, sex and the never-ending story of male and female by John Mark Comer is good stuff. Very good.

Since the beginning when God created man and woman and proclaimed their union as good, the devil set out to distort man’s understanding of love and sex. Culture has played its part in idolizing the concept of love—so much so that even Christians can become confused about this topic. Hollywood’s lies, which deny the negative consequences that arise when love is distorted and sex used outside of God’s original design, have destroyed lies. Loveology debunks the myths and sets it straight.

Using Scripture, statistics and modern-day illustrations, Comer showcases God’s intent in the man-woman relationship and shows why it makes sense. Since God is love, He knows best how it works. Loveology expounds this truth and provides pragmatic, biblical teaching in which no love-related topic is taboo, including pre-marital sex, masturbation, homosexuality, dating, marriage, divorce…

As pastor of Bridgetown: a Jesus Church in Portland Oregon, Comer’s congregation of 6,000 (half of whom are unmarried college students and twenty-somethings), gave him good reason to clear up misconceptions about love. So he taught the raw subject of Loveology during a special two-night event attended by 2,000 college-aged adults. Time was allotted for Q & A sessions during which Comer responded to candid, uncensored questions—some of which are featured in the book. The popularity of the Loveology downloadable podcast found on the church’s website led to the birth of Loveology, the book.

“Young, amorous singles who love and follow Jesus are inundated with a schizophrenic view of love. The message of culture and the message of the church are at odds, and it can feel like a maze trying to navigate the two. We’re a generation with questions: In a time where 50 percent of marriages implode within a few years, why take the risk?” says Comer. “If sex is so wonderful, why should we wait for it? More than ever, the church can’t stay silent.”

Loveology is biblical and pragmatic. It exposes today’s lies about love and paints the biblical picture of it.

To learn more about biblical love, check out some of the awesome Bible-based churches in San Diego such as Calvary Chapel or The Rock.

This story will also appear in Assist News Service.

Janey DeMeo M.A.

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