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Love the scent of Lime?

Apple Blossom Naturals Lime Lotion Bar


Then you will love the Lime Lotion Bar from Apple Blossom Naturals, especially with the summer coming. Last week this examiner had the chance to test out this lotion bar .

As with the coconut lotion bar tested previously this examiner for this test cut this bar into sevenths, which one seventh was the perfect portion for testing.

The testing was mainly done on the arms, elbows, shoulders, and legs. One test day was dedicated to the neck. We all know this weather has been unforgiving with Mother Nature's hissy fits( high winds), and frozen attitude. So this was the perfect time to test this out.

Like the coconut lotion before, it has quite a scent to it. The mister even said, it was actually a much more mild scent compared to the coconut.

This examiner knows this is probably you don't want to hear, but the smell actually was reminiscent of lime scented furniture polish. You know the smell of the fresh and clean after you have gotten finished going over the furniture, it smelled that great.

With summer inching upon us, you need to start thinking of those fresh scents like the lime.

I am proud to say, I can recommend this for your summer skin care needs. Get it in a tin, and you can toss it in your purse, and go, and when you need it it is there.

If you would like to see some more of the Apple Blossom Naturals products, you can find it here: (This link is also where any man or woman can sign up to become part of the Apple Blossom Naturals Family.)

Catch you on the flip side, have a great weekend!

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