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'Love Story (1970)' Movie Review: Love is never having to say you're sorry

'Love Story (1970)'
'Love Story (1970)' Paramount

Love Story


Love knows no boundary's and no limits. When your a college student and your from a wealthy family and your attending Harvard as your family has done in the past and you see a beautiful girl your not really interested in her background. Oliver Barrett IV(Ryan O'Neal) is at Radcliffe Library and sees a young Jennifer Cavelleri (Ali McGraw) and he's been shot with cupids arrow. He's interested in what all young men are interested in, how utterly good looking she is. Oliver is smitten with her wit and her beauty. Jenny is touched by his good looks and his charm. They are from opposite sides of the track but they are falling in love.

They finish college and they want to get married but here's where the problems arise. You see Oliver's family had high hopes on the person they wanted him to marry and it was not a commoner, so to speak. Oliver's father (Ray Milland) disowns him.

They decide to get married anyway. They struggle to get Oliver through law school. They don't really have family backing them, but they make it. They want to have children now. They have some money coming in and it's time to have a family. They haven't been able to conceive so Jenny goes to the Doctor. The news is the worst thing to tell a young couple. It's not that Jenny can't conceive, she has a disease and she is dying.

How do you deal with this kind of news? Where do you find the strength to continue on? You find it through each other and you love each other as if it is the last day.

These two college sweethearts have done nothing wrong, but they have continually had to overcome obstacles every day that they have been together. This is the ultimate Love Story. This is what love between two people should be all about. That your love will keep you strong. This is the movie that on Valentine's Day you want to watch. Not because of it's heartbreaking sadness but because it shows true love. It shows how two people overcome together any obstacle. It shows how in the end their love was all that they needed.

Director Arthur Hiller brings us with this movie the ultimate 'Love Story'. You will have to have some tissue by your side and you should have your special love there also. You should also remember that in the end "Love means never having to say you're sorry".