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'Love or Whatever' DVD Review

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'Love or Whatever'


Corey (Tyler Poelle) is a therapist by trade and is in love with his longtime companion Jon. Now Jon's (David Page) a personal trainer and is all buffed out. Now Corey is great as a therapist and can help all the people with troubled lives. Here's the problem Corey wants to propose to Jon and when he finally gets around to it, Jon literally heads for the hills. He goes as far as to run into the arms of a woman.

This throws Corey into a tail spin and he goes on a journey that one can say is interesting to say the least. He begins by talking to his best friend and that is his lesbian sister Kelsey (Jennifer Elise Cox). She directs him toward a gay dating site and he ends up in the arms of a pizza delivery man Pete (Joel Rush) who like Jon is more sight than brains. Yes he's good looking and this once again turns Corey's head.

In the meantime Jon's knew squeeze Melissa (Jenica Bergere) is one of Corey's patients and she wants to tell him just about everything of her relationship with Jon. Now you get the idea where all this is heading. Yup that's right into one madcap comedy that you will laugh your butt off. Everything does work out, sort of. In the meantime you get to enjoy the twist and turns that this comedy has to offer.

Canteen Outlaws brings us this DVD today and its already on the shelf for your viewing pleasure. The DVD quality for sight and sound are of the highest quality. The acting is actually better than one would think but it's the candy the actors are all great looking.

This is one of those comedies that if you get a small group together or just that favorite someone, it is perfect. You will look at the DVD and ask that question really do I want to watch this and I say yes. It's a cute light and easy viewing movie that makes you laugh and come away feeling good. Enjoy.