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Love on the Range by Jessica Nelson

Love on the Range by Jessica Nelson


Fort Wayne homeschool parents are always looking for good reads for their kids, but what about good reads and best reads for Moms? Not only do I highly recommend Love on the Range, giving it 5 golden stars, but I’ve also had the privilege of interviewing its lovely author, Jessica Nelson!

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Wikimedia Commons
Jessica Nelson and her book: Love on the Range
Jessica Nelson

FWHSExaminer: When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?

Nelson: I don't know if I ever "knew" it, just that I wrote things. I did pretend to be Emily Dickinson a few times...even though I didn't read her work. (Laughs.)

FWHSExaminer: Who has been your biggest influence as a writer?

Nelson: Great question! I really don't know, to be honest. I love books and have read bunches and feel like each author has inspired or influenced me in some way.

FWHSExaminer: Where did you get the idea for your current book?

Nelson: I was doing research and just started imagining a young girl on a train, heading west.

FWHSExaminer: Do you have a writing routine?

Nelson: Nope. I write when I can, for as long as I can.

FWHSExaminer: Where do you write?

Nelson: On my couch. :-)

FWHSExaminer: What do you want your readers to remember most from your book?

Nelson: I want them to remember that happy, satisfied feeling you have after finishing a great story. I hope someday the name Jessica Nelson makes a reader think, "Oh yeah, I like her books."

FWHSExaminer: What else would you like us to know?

Nelson: That I'm a chocoholic? That I think God adores us and that he offers the best “Happily Ever After” ever. And that I love to talk books and writing, so if you want, hit me up on Facebook, Twitter or my blog, BookingIt.


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