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Love, love, love: It's a Paris Combo thing

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Paris Combo performance at City Winery Napa


The culture, it is in me. Oui, oui, indeed it is. Last night’s performance of Paris Combo at City Winery Napa was a cool, refreshing dip into the deep end of some seriously fun Frenchness.

The chanteuse de Paris Combo, Belle du Berry, came out on stage and, in her best English, explained how their first song was going to be about love. Once that song was done, she went on to explain that their next song was about being trapped in love by a wedding ring. By the third song, the love theme was more than clear and I found myself, on several occasions, reaching for the glass of absinthe I neglected to order.

Whether every song was about being in love, or being trapped in love, or finding love, or making love, one thing was perfectly clear, and that is Paris Combo is no stranger to love. Another thing that became clear is that Paris Combo loves to perform. Horn solos followed by guitar solos, then bass, then drum, then the near capacity crowd goes bonkers and the whole evening becomes one big multicultural celebration where language barriers do not exist and the, yes, love of music comes gushing out and it becomes perfectly clear that City Winery Napa has, over the course of just one week, come into its own.

The service that was good last week, was excellent this week. The giant burgers we saw others chomping on last week were ours on which to chomp this week, and since I tend to judge all restaurants by their treatment of the common burger, I can tell you that this burger is a City Winery Napa must-have. Pair that burger, topped with balsamic glazed onions and Point Reyes Toma cheese with some tasty and surprisingly crispy zucchini fries and pub grub Nirvana is achieved.

For more information about the food, drink, or entertainment at City Winery Napa, click here. City Winery Napa at the Historic Napa Valley Opera House is located at 1030 Main Street in the middle of downtown Napa.