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"Love is in the Air" a love note from France

Love is in the Air


Starring Nicolas Bedos as Antoine and Ludivine Sagnler as Julie "Love is in the Air," AKA "Amour & Turbulence.

Julie and Antoine in "Love is in the Air'
Courtesy Focus World

Antoine and Julie are former lovers who have each gone their own way. On a plane headed for Paris the pair end up setting right next to each other with no other seats to set in.

The fun begins.

Antoine, frankly, is a dog. He will bag any women he can get to, sometimes one after the other.

Julie just wants what most women want, a man who is true and stable and loves her more than anything else in the world. This DOES NOT describe Antoine.

During the plane flight we are shown the history of the two lovers. In flashback and then real time, back and forth, we see the mistakes that Antoine made, the lies he told and the women he slept with. We see Julie try to tame the beast and live with him as boyfriend and girlfriend. This doesn't work and they break-up.

Antoine's best friend Hugo, (Jonathan Cohen), has problems with women and often gets Antoine in trouble as he tries to help his friend.

Will Antoine win back the lovely Julie somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean? Or will he strike out again and lose his true love.

This is one of those charming films that are few and far between. It’s a Rom-Com, (Romantic Comedy), that I not only could stomach, but actually enjoyed … a lot.

The leading man, Nicolas Bedos, is yummy and would probably actually get all the woman that the film portrays.

Ludivine Sagnler as Julie is wonderful, fresh and cute as a button.

The film is in French with subtitles. Please don’t let that scare you off. It used to scare me and I ended up missing a lot of great films.

Opening this Friday, put “Love In The Air” on your weekend to do list. Check local theaters for times.

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