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"Love" Is All Around (The Audience) In Mind Blowing Musical's Return to New York

Upbeat dance moment from "Here Lies Love."
Upbeat dance moment from "Here Lies Love."

off-Broadway musical


Alex Timbers, the most creative man on Broadway, has brought back "Here Lies Love" to New York's Public Theater.

"Here Lies Love" returns to the Public Theater

If you weren't one of the people to see it last fall in its long run at the theatre, now is your chance. It should only appeal to people who love out-of-the-box, progressive, edgy, intelligent theatre who want to see a show that's a complete and fulfilling experience. Everyone else should seek out a revival of "Annie."

Timbers, the man who made the current Broadway musical "Rocky" one of the most talked about shows of the season, did even more when he helped bring the story of Imelda Marcos to the stage.

With memorable, upbeat songs by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim, "Here Lies Love" is THE most spectacular time you can have at the theatre. Bar none. Period.

The show is so awe-inspiring that the best seats in the house are actually not seats. While you will enjoy the show wherever you're located in the theatre, Timbers has created a world all his own in this amazing production. There is a stage in the center and most audience members stand around it and watch the action right before their eyes. Sometimes the stage revolves and the audience follows. Other times, they add extensions to the stage to make it longer or even like a runaway. Then, look quick, action is happen on a different stage at one end of theatre while other scenes occur on yet another stage.

This is truly theatre in the round - because it's all around the audience.

The stage and Timbers' direction are masterful, visionary and not to be missed. If you go to the theatre, and you want to be blown away by staging, this is the show.

It also doesn't hurt that "Here Lies Love" has a cohesive story about Imelda's desire and rise to fame and uses video clips and actual transcripts from private phone calls to tell its tale.

Ruthie Ann Miles is a beautiful Imelda, who captures her innocence at the beginning of the show, but shows her need for lavish things a la "Evita" by the end. Jose Llana, whom is always wonderful and memorable in everything he does including the ill-fated "Wonderland" musical, puts his stamps on President Marcos, adding a sexy quality to the man, making it easy to see why Imelda falls for him and can win an election. Llana has a beautiful tone to his voice and can easy make you succumb to his charms.

There isn't a sour note from anyone in the ensemble cast and everyone involved really needs to be applauded as moving the sets around in just minutes isn't easy. But it's done with seeming little effort by the expert crew - especially in the number in which the stage collapsed into stadium seating. How on earth did they do that? Wow!!!

I recently raved to no end about not missing the finale of "Rocky." While that is still true, but Timbers has done the same for the ENTIRE show of "Here Lies Love": He's given us a spectacular theatre experience that cannot be recreated and cannot be forgotten.

You MUST go! It will likely sell out on most performances, so don't wait. Tickets and information at

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