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Love and sacrifice in 'Thor 2: The Dark World'

Thor 2: The Dark World


When an unknown entity threatens to cast the universe into an age of eternal darkness, Thor (Chris Hemsworth), the warrior god of thunder, must rise to protect the woman he loves and restore the fragile balance of peace before his world is destroyed forever.


There is an intriguing symbolic theme woven into the story that hinges on the duality of relationships between the characters. This is particularly apparent in the relationship between Thor and his adopted brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston), and the relationship between Thor, his father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins), and his mortal love interest, Jane (Natalie Portman).

From the beginning, Thor has always had a smoldering relationship with Loki. Their relationship is shrouded in uncertainty because while they share a strong bond as brothers, their relationship is tainted because Loki is untrustworthy and only takes action when it serves his own purpose. When Jane’s life is threatened, Thor must put aside his personal prejudices and join forces with his brother to save her. Loki, in turn, adopts the honorable traits usually reserved for his brother when he sacrifices his own life so that his brother’s might be spared.

The relationship dynamic between Thor, his human love interest, Jane, and his father, Odin is equally complicated. Thor is torn between the love he has for Jane and the duty he must fulfill to his father to take his father’s place as the future king of Asgard. Odin wishes for his son to relinquish the bond he has with Jane so that he may be the king that Asgard needs and not be distracted with his mortal love. When Jane’s life is compromised by a malevolent entity that no one can understand, Thor must defy his father in order to save the woman he loves.

Sacrifice is also a very strong theme in the movie. When Thor returns to Asgard after a battle, his father asks him to sacrifice the love he has for Jane and fulfill his duty as heir to become the king of Asgard. When Thor and Loki are attacked in Svartalfheim, Loki sacrifices his life to save Thor’s. In the end, Thor sacrifices his chance of being king in favor of being with the woman he loves.

The triangle of women in Thor 2 share a common bond in that they are all three connected intimately with Thor’s character, but the strength in each of these women is unique. Lady Sif, the only female warrior in Thor’s company, shares a connection with Thor because they are both warriors. She is deeply loyal to him, but their love stems from being comrades in war. While there is a spark of jealousy between Lady Sif and Jane when Jane returns to Asgard with Thor, the essence of Sif’s love for Thor is truly that of a fellow warrior and friend.

Jane is the woman that Thor truly loves. When Jane falls into danger on Earth, Thor is there to protect her. When he discovers that she possesses a dark and mysterious illness that no one can heal, he is willing to sacrifice everything in order to save her from death. When the Dark Elves have been defeated and peace has been restored, Thor chooses to return to Jane rather than remain in Asgard as king.

Thor’s mother, Frigga, may appear to be the soft-spoken, devoted wife of Odin, but her love for her sons is undeniable and she is not afraid to express her love for either of them. When Loki is imprisoned after returning to Asgard in shame, she is the one to comfort him. When Thor brings Jane to Asgard to heal her of the mysterious darkness which has consumed her, his mother is there to protect Jane when the Dark Elves attack Asgard, and even sacrifices her own life to save the woman that her son loves.

“Thor 2: The Dark World” is an exceptional feat of creative storytelling that will hold your attention and keep you guessing. The casting is stellar, particularly in the case of Tom Hiddleston as the mischievous trickster Loki. While Thor’s unwavering love for Jane and his prowess as a warrior makes him memorable, Loki makes the audience believe that there is good locked somewhere deep inside of him and then continues to astound them with his manipulative illusions. The story was an intriguing and worthy successor of the previous movie and the creative design of the characters was stunning. This film is recommend to anyone who loves Marvel at its best.

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