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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion part 2: Ready to rumble

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Part 2


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” the reunion aired on Monday and the fans got to see what the hype was all about.

Love and Hip Hop: Before the Reunion-slide0
Photo by Rick Diamond
Love and Hip Hop Brawl
Photo by Moses Robinson

“We can do it right now” – Stevie J.

The show started with Joseline and Stevie J. sitting on the couch exchanging unfriendly banter with newly engaged couple Althea and Benzino. It seemed Joseline Hernandez showed up ready for a confrontation in a leather outfit and a plan to be as damaging as possible to each cast member she has ever had a run-in with since the season began.

Joseline and Stevie J. charged at the sitting couple who expected security to stop them before it got too far. The self-proclaimed Puerto-Rican Princess swiftly attacked Althea and was punched by Benzino who was actually Stevie J.’s target.

"It's that cocaine. That's what that is." - Benzino

The ex-best friends had been exchanging nasty words on twitter. From violent threats to pictures of Benzino’s fiancé in a compromising sexual position, the anger was boiling over and the fire was inevitable.

Stevie J. had tested positive for drugs during his arrest in June for child support. Many speculated on the show that the two were clearly under the influence of drugs once again. Their actions and words definitely mirrored rage but whether or not it was drug induced rage remains to be proven.

With Althea kicking Joseline, security pulled the two fighting women apart. In the interim while Benzino was yelling “Yeah I did that!” after punching Joseline, Stevie J. gave it his all to get past security guards to his old buddy. It was all very hectic as the audience came to their feet and other cast members scrambled to get out of the way. Once they were separated, Joseline and Stevie J. somehow eluded security. Did security actually let them go?


In any event, Joseline charged at Tammy Rivera after scanning the crowd and deciding who was next. She aggressively attacked Tammy who was also sitting down. She saw Joseline charging just in time and stood up to defend herself. The cameras do not show if any punched were landed clearly but it does show Joseline being pulled away with a ponytail after mother in law Deb Antney along with security, pulled Joseline away. Tammy tried to charge towards Joseline and was help back by security and ended up throwing a bottle towards Joseline’s direction.

Where is the beef?

Well according to Tammy there was no beef between Joseline and Tammy. Their only interaction was when Joseline asked for Tammy’s fashion advice only to belittle her lack of ring from her now husband Waka Flocka (rapper). The two ended up meeting at a bar and got into a small spat and that was the end of that premature friendship. If that was all it was, why was Joseline so angry?
After everything cooled down on set it was suggested by cast members that Joseline was territorial and envious of other women who she saw as competition. That may be true.

Mimi VS Joseline

Joseline and Stevie J. were being escorted out of the building because they were obviously uncontrollable. On the way out Joseline thought she heard Mimi talking about her and decided to attack her too. Although being attacked without provocation was probably inevitable for Mimi as well. Joseline once again grabbed more hair and would not let go. An irate Mimi who was caught off guard was so furious she hurt her hand and her blood pressure skyrocketed.

The remainder of the show was exhausting and bland. The rest of the show consisted of fake sympathy for Joseline and her mental problems and drug problems. The cast chimed in on Zino’s and Stevie’s “bromance” and how it escalated to this level of violence “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” fans had never seen.

Many fans took to twitter during the anticipated reunion to exclaim their satisfaction or dismay with the episode. Some agreed that drug tests should be mandatory and others state that tempers were to blame. No one really knows for sure what caused tempers to flare and adults to be unable to control themselves on the set but interviews with Benzino, Althea, Joseline and Stevie will be aired next Monday on VH1.

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