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'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta': Finger licking good

Karliee Redd Makes a Fool of Herself, Again
Karliee Redd Makes a Fool of Herself, Again

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta


From Karliee Redd's efforts to get her man back to Bambi having an "alleged" miscarriage, "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" was full of ups and downs. This episode left audiences with more questions than answers so we leave it to the audience to inform us on what they think is really going on!

Question: Was Bambi really pregnant? Many people are taking to social media with claims that Bambi faked her pregnancy at a weak attempt to make Lil' Scrappy fall in love like an overgrown puppy. She definitely evoked sympathy from Scrappy as he ran through the door to her rescue after and urgent message from the Bam. But what is she was truly pregnant? Many miscarriages occur in the first trimester. Momma Dee, who is usually able to spot a flaw a mile away in everyone but herself, came over and cooked for her. She even shared a heartfelt mini-story about her own abortion. If Momma Dee believe her why are fans having
a hard time?

"The only person I get around with is your man."

Question: Has Karliee Redd lost her mind? What do fans think? Obviously Yung Joc got bent out of shape after seeing Karliee and Jeremih flirting at the studio. Even after fighting most people would call the other to reconcile unless it was too hurtful. Was he hurt or did he have other options? Karliee seems to think everything was her fault, bribes him with some TLC to return, only to get into an argument with the realtor/superwoman who is close to Joc towards the end of the episode. Is this love? Or does Karliee seek drama until it blows up in her face?

Question: Are Waka and Tammy cute or boring or both? DJ Steele and her son's father Drew were politely "let go" because they were not dramatic enough. Will this happen to them as well? Is Tammy the only person who believes her fiancé
has "changed"?

"You dead in Joseline's eyes"

Joseline and Stevie J., are both maintaining a storyline through their ex-assistant. After finding out word of mouth that she was fired, Dawn has a sit down with Mimi just to air dirty laundry concerning the Jordan's. She has proof the marriage is a poorly orchestrated publicity stunt, the house they are in is a rental, the ring Joseline rocks was purchased by an ex and every single one of Stevie's car not owned by Stevie. Well! What do you think?

Kirk hires a young nanny, with no babysitting experience. Rasheeda is still tolerating him, but why? Granted they have been together for over ten years, have a family and business together but more assertiveness on her part would help. By the way, the "nanny" has been in the tabloids lately as she has posted pictures of Kirk (a married man) on her page. Now that she is no longer "under the impression" they are only co-parenting, is this cool? Let us know below!