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Love and folly doom a medieval noblewoman in Daughters of the Dagger prequel

Cover art for Daughters of the Dagger
Cover art for Daughters of the Dagger
cover art by Elizabeth Rose Krejcik

historical romance novella


In DAUGHTERS OF THE DAGGER, the prequel to romance author Elizabeth Rose’s Daughters of the Dagger historical romance series, the author offers up the story of a woman desperate for children. Lady Mirabelle deBurgh is so desperate for them, she relies on superstition and goes behind her husband’s back to purchase jeweled daggers from an old blind woman. The reason? Rumor says such action will help a woman conceive.

But things don’t quite go as Lady Mirabelle intends. The hag will only sell her four daggers, one with a ruby, one with a sapphire, one containing an amethyst and another with an amber all set within their hilts. All four will bring her children happiness, and ultimately the hands of their (future) true loves. The fifth, however, bodes ill. And though Lady Mirabelle hesitates, she decides she wants that last dagger, as well. The problem? She doesn’t have enough to purchase them all. Nor to give a coin to a young beggar boy who approaches her. When she shuns the boy, and tries to steal the fifth dagger, the old hag catches her—and curses her.

Will she give her beloved husband the sons he desires and will she overcome the hag’s curse? You’ll have to read to find out.

A short and rather dark, novella, the story of DAUGHTERS OF THE DAGGER moves along at a quick pace. I found it an intriguing read on a rainy afternoon and look forward to reading more of Elizabeth Rose’s work. If you’d like to check it out, the novella is available at Smashwords and Amazon.

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