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'Love & Air Sex' Review: The sex is simulated but this love story is real

Love & Air Sex


Revolving around the world of air sex -- think air guitar and replace the guitar with genitalia, "Love & Air Sex" (formerly "The Bounceback") is a film full of shocking surprises, not only does it have a grown man pretending to be a dinosaur pleasuring himself but also because it has an exceptionally relatable and engaging love-story that meshes perfectly with its raunchy comedy.

Love & Air Sex Poster

The film follows the post-breakup aftermath of Stan [Michael Stahl-David] and Cathy [Ashley Bell] who live on opposite ends of the country. Though the distance keeps them apart, Stan keeps tabs on his old flame via Facebook and finds out she's planning a trip to Austin, Texas and without hesitation books a flight out immediately after.

This screams typical RomCom (Romantic Comedy) but it certainly is no "When Harry Met Sally." The monkey-wrench in the cog is the Air Sex Championships which so happens to be in town and Stan's vulgar best friend Jeff [Zach Cregger] is an avid enthusiast.

Heartache is in the air as Jeff is going through a breakup of his own with his on again off again girlfriend Kara [Sara Paxton]. Their dysfunctional relationship keep the laughs going with their outrageous and ludicrous displays.

Air sex is half of the movie title but it only acts as a vehicle to help the film along as the main focus is Stan and Cathy battling between rekindling their love or moving on. After both meeting new people in Austin the outcome is unclear to what will happen to their old bond.

With only having about three major scenes, the air sex is a minor device to set the film apart from others. Although very funny and entertaining, it adds little to the plot.

If the audience can spend enough time from texting on their own phones they'll notice the familiar bubbles on the screen as Stan texts his new admirer. He goes through what many men do when texting someone new for the first time -- wondering when she'll text back, if she thinks he's funny or if he crossed a line.

When he panics after she doesn't respond to his risqué text, he's quick to throw in a "jk" which is a spot-on display of something that happens everyday in today's modern age of flirting through your phone.

It's the little things like these that make it clear that director Bryan Poyser knew his target audience -- technology obsessed twenty-somethings.

"Love & Air Sex" sells itself as a raunchy relationship comedy but there's more to it then some cheap laughs. There's a lot of heart underneath the surface that's sure to satisfy both fans of romantic and comedic movies.

Opens on Friday, February 7th theatrically and on VOD in NYC with a nationwide rollout.

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