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Lovato brings Omaha girl on stage to sing with her! The Neon Lights tour of 2014

Demi Lovato- Neon Lights tour 2014 Omaha, NE


Demetria (Demi) Lovato's career took off when she was 16 years old. She started off on the Disney Channel in movies such as ''Camp Rock'' starring the Jonas Brothers and her own television series ''Sonny with a Chance.'' In the mean time she was making music as well, her first two albums were called, Don't Forget and Here We Go Again.

Demi sings with Bree

The singer has quite the reputation but she does not let this get her down, In fact she is very open about her experiences and hopes that her fans can learn from what she has been through. Just recently Lovato took off on her "Neon Lights" tour to promote her new album, Demi. Late Sunday night Lovato stopped at the Century Link Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Her audience was quite small, the auditorium fills about 18,000 people; while Lovato had around 6,000 fans attend the show.

Although Demi may have had a smaller audience, she put on an fantastic show. She still played songs from her first two albums along with her new song ''Let it Go'' from the Disney movie ''Frozen.'' While singing this song Lovato spotted a little seven year old girl named, Bree, dancing in the audience. Lovato stopped her whole set just to get the girl on the stage with her. “You are just the cutest thing...have you ever sang on stage before?” Lovato asked the little girl. The girls response was “no.” Lovato continued on to say, “That's okay me either, we can do it together.”

It was truly a magical moment for not only the girl, but for everyone else in the auditorium. Later that evening videos and pictures were posted online of the incident. Lovato's fans reached out to everybody and made sure they knew what an amazing person Lovato is. Even fans that did not attend the show that night were posting images and videos. During the show Lovato said, “if you don't have any friends, you have me.” She also said, “you guys aren't fans you're family.” Her connection with her fans is one of the most powerful things one has seen; she truly cares for others and their well being.