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Louis-Dreyfus, Gandolfini charming in 'Enough Said'

Available in Redbox in DVD format only, the film ha been available Tuesday, Feb.11, bur should be available across all other platforms for viewing, download and purchase as of Tuesday, Jan.14,2014.

"Enough Said" movie review


Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the late James Gandolfini, TV veterans known for their memorable characters, make the transition into film with their characters looking for love once again in “Enough Said.”

As Eva and Albert, the two find that they much in common being divorcee and having their children: Eva's daughter Ellen (Tracy Fairaway) & Albert's daughter Tess (Eve Hewson) venturing off into college leaving their parents alone.

But until the parent go through the emotional ordeal, they find themselves going through a courtship with ebbs and flows.

From their first encounter at a friend’s party, Ms. Louis-Dreyfus and Mr. Gandolfini have instant chemistry. Despite being older and experienced, the two find themselves making mistakes in their relationship as if they were youths falling in love.

Eva’s character goes through a lot that can be captured in an instance with her profession as a masseuse and with one of her clients living in an area that requires her to go up a flight of stairs. She makes the trek with the weight of her table showing the burden she carries as a single mother.

As a masseuse she listens to all the woes of her clientele and it takes its toll on her relationship with Albert and in her personal life.

Helping her character is friend and psychiatrist Sarah (Toni Collette) who also has her own issues with her relationship with her husband, Will (Ben Falcone), outside of dealing with her patients.

With her daughter going away to college and with Sarah dealing with her own issues, she has to depend upon her daughter's friend, Chloe (Tavi Gevinson), who serves as a possible surrogate as they each help each other deal with phases of their lives.

Eva also encounters at this party a new client and possible friend Marianne (Catherine Keener). Just when Eva’s relationship begins to reach its penultimate, she must overcome obstacles including meeting of the ex and letting go of her daughter.

Ms. Louis-Dreyfus shows penchant for her comedic talent, at time hate her for what her character becomes before emphathizing with her in this adult romantic comedy that things don’t always turn out as a happy ending.

Mr. Gandolfini, in his last performance, plays against his character as the soft and lovable Albert who shares Eva’s love of their only child as what doesn’t appear to be a typical love affair, but “Enough Said.”

Classification: Redbox DVD Release

Movie Grade: 4.33 out of 5 stars

The middle age love affair between Julia Louis Dreyfus and James Gandolfini shows that love can be re-ignited at any age. Despite being older and wiser, they find themselves making mistakes found in their youth.

Blu-Ray Grade: .5 out of 5 stars:

Only features trailers

Rating: PG-13 for crude and sexual content, comic violence, language and partial nudity.

Timing: 1 Hour, 33 Minutes

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

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