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Louis’ Basque Corner-Family Style Dining in Reno

Basque Restaurant


Family Style Dining is always intriguing as you dine with people that you don’t know. Tables are filled up, and then the multicourse dinner begins. Louis’ Basque Corner in Downtown Reno is almost 50 years old and if the walls could talk one would hear how appreciative everyone was with the plentiful food and the random chance to make new friends! It was opened by Louis and Lorraine Erreguible who moved to Reno from Mauleon, Basses Pyrenees in France and the torch has since been passed to new owners who are continuing the tradition of “To us you’re one of the family”.

Family Style Dining in Reno

We were escorted by the hostess through the active bar area to a table where we were seated with one other couple. A server wearing a classic Basque Costume took our drink order for a Picon Punch which is a tasty traditional Basque cocktail. As we sipped on this potent libation a foursome joined us and the dining was set to begin. We all ordered our own entrees as carafes of wine and French bread were placed on our table.
Three large dishes of fresh crisp Salad and dressing were passed around the table, as we visited with our new friends. Next we enjoyed delicious Clam Chowder as we continued to learn more about each other and where we were all from. The wine and conversation flowed as their special Basque Beans arrived. We chatted, we ate, we drank, and we relaxed until our next course the steamed Mussels and Rice was placed on the table. Just when we thought we had eaten enough... our personal entrées arrived. The generous portions included Lamb Chops, Sweetbreads, Beef Tongue and Prime Rib. Executive Chef Frank Vargas stopped at our table to see how we were doing which was appreciated. The wine and conversation continued to flow with our new found family. Ice Cream sundaes, fresh fruit and cheese and coffee were the perfect finish to our quite filling dinner.
We enjoyed our dinner at Louis’ Basque Corner and chatting with our new family. As the separate checks arrived I was advised that it was an old Basque tradition that the youngest person at the table respects their elders by picking up all of the checks. Just one more Picon Punch and they probably would have convinced me.!!

Louis’ Basque Corner
301 E. 4th Street
Reno, Nevada 89512

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