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'Lost In Space (1998)' Movie Review: Please stay lost

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'Lost In Space (1998)'


It is the 2058, the Earth is becoming over populated and an alternative is being sought. The Robinson family consisting of Professor John Robinson (William Hurt), his wife Maureen (Mimi Rogers), daughters Penny and Judy (Lacey Chabert and Heather Graham), and son Will (Jack Johnson) are to board the Jupiter 2 and travel to another planet called Alpha Prime and build a new world for others to follow and live upon.

Unfortunately, things are not so simple. There is behind the scenes politics that is ruining the mission before they even take off the ground. Terrorists are trying to destroy the hypergates that are being built on Earth. This helps the ship travel faster than the speed of light. Two fighters are sent and Major Don West (Matt LeBlanc) destroys them both. Thus securing him the pilot's seat on the Jupiter 2. He really wasn't in favor of this decision but didn't have a choice. Another problem comes from a man named Dr. Zachary Smith (Gary Oldman). He is trying to sabotage the mission by working on the inside. He is the mission's medical expert, but his handlers trap him on board the ship when it takes off, thus he is a stow away.

This mission from the get go is one big flop. When they hit the hyperdrive they are flung into the future. They come across an Earth ship inhabited by spiders made of silicon. They crash land on a planet and have to find fuel that will help them take off again otherwise they will be trapped. All along Dr. Smith does his best to disrupt every thing on the ship.

John Robinson and Major West don't get along at first and they are always arguing. Director Stephen Hopkins does his best with new technical computer graphics but in the end the TV show of the 60's is more entertaining in black and white than this movie ever will be.

Sometimes you just shouldn't mess with what works and this just doesn't seem to get it's act together. It's nice to take a look at once but to be perfectly honest I had forgotten they made this movie.