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'Lost For Life' DVD Review

DVD Review: Lost For Life
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'Lost For Life'


You are a teenager and your confused. You want some excitement. Your family has been bothering you and your going to show them. Simply put your a child and your simply just wrong. You have killed people and you haven't even made it to your 17th birthday. The crimes you committed are savage and premeditated. You have been found guilty by society to not be worthy of ever coming out of prison to join society ever again. We don't want you. We have washed our hands of you. 'Lost for Life' wants you to look at some of these children and make a decision as to whether locking up juvenile murderers for life should be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Now lets look at this for adults in some states when you commit murder you are judged guilty and sentenced to death. Now the law of the land says that we cannot convict a child and pronounce a death sentence because that is cruel and unusual punishment but life without parole is that justified.

Can a child be rehabilitated after committing the crime of murder? Can there ever be enough time that the child can feel remorse for their deed. This documentary takes a look at that and other questions concerning life without parole for juvenile offenders.

The story does showcase Sean Taylor who was once a gang banger and killed in a drive by shooting. He helped with mentoring other children who committed murder before the age of 17. He would later be released because he was rehabilitated.

On the other hand you have Brian Lee Draper and Torey Adamcik. Now these two admired Columbine so much that when they committed the murder of a teenage girl they filmed before and after videos of the incident. This is premeditated but when looked at it for face value it is simply just sick. Are we supposed to feel for these two because they were simply children when they committed this murder? Are we supposed to just say it won't happen again? What's worse you see one of these two with their parents and they just look so repentant and remorseful.

The bottom line is SnagFilms has brought us one DVD that is going to make us think and question our beliefs. It does not answer the questions that you would liked answer for you, that has to come from you after you've seen it. The quality is unquestionable and the sound and visuals are the best.

This documentary is something that you must see and it would be worth your time to keep it in your own DVD library. So take the time and see just where you stand on whether life sentences are cruel and unusual punishment for children who commit murder.