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Los Lonely Boys' new album, 'Revelation,' a must-hear

New Album


Although it seems so long ago, the Los Lonely Boys made a phenomenal 2012 appearance at Charlotte’s NC Music Factory. They were supposed to also return in 2013, which was canceled, unfortunately, due to Henry’s tour accident. Thankfully, however, Henry is doing much better, and the boys have managed to rebound, gracefully, with their 2014 release of “Revelation,” and with a dynamic tour schedule in support of their recent release. With a 2015 return to Charlotte being seemingly uncertain, the good news is: Charlotte’s LLB fans can still enjoy their music—no problem, there!

Los Lonely Boys' new album 'Revelation' a must-hear
Courtesy of Playing In Traffic Records

As for Revelation—right off the get go—there appears to be a great deal of heart-felt meaning behind the lyrics. One can never deny this about the Boys’ music, with respect to this and their other releases. Also, this new album possesses a very compelling sense, in that once it’s been listened to for the first time, a second listen becomes a must, about a day or hours later—that’s right—it grows on you!

Blame It On Love” proves to be an excellent track to open the album with. It also seems to be used, quite strategically and tactfully, to help build hype, for what has turned out to be a very well-put-together set of tracks. As for the mention of heart-felt lyrics, this becomes very apparent in this first track, as well as others—very well done and not surprising, nonetheless!

Give A Little More” is exactly what one would expect from a well-put-together set of LLB tracks. It has a Reggae-feel, with a get-up-and-dance appeal—another winner, which needs to find a home in the Top-40 musical mainstream.

It’s Just My Heart Talkin’” seems to possess Grammy-worthiness, right along with “There’s Always Tomorrow, “ and “The Greatest Ever,”—all of which sound as if they belong in an appropriate movie-track; they all have that great feel..!

As for the “So Sensual “ track, the best way to describe it, is: It cruises down the road, with the top down, on a beautiful summer day, and is seemingly written about a special woman’s sensuality–very sensual and smooth, indeed!

The “Familia” Track seems to support the core strengths of what keeps the boys going—their family! No matter where they’re touring, and/or what trials and tribulations they may become faced with, they will always have their familia—a must hear for every LLB fan out there!

Don’t Walk Away” is a very well put together track, which is commanded, lyrically, by JoJo. It sounds as if it may be written around a relationship with a significant other; however, you'll have to buy the album, and listen to interpret the lyrics—well written and sung, in any case.

Can’t Slow Down”—one of Henry’s lyrical contributions to the album—is very well done! It yields a lyrical and rhythmic appeal, with meaning to back it up. It’s also very smooth and seems to keep the album trucking, right into the next track. “Dream Away,” which seems to yield a more traditional sense of what LLB was built on: Dreams—dreams which have, since, come true!

“Rule The World:” The best way to describe this gem, is: Good-old-fashioned-in-your-face-LLB-Rock-n-Roll! The boys do a great job redefining what music seems to be missing, these days, with this very song—rule the world, indeed!

The last track, “Everything About You,“ yields a nice ending, to what has proven to be a very smooth album. With all known, it will be interesting to see which songs move higher into the media mainstream—LLB fans will certainly be listening for them, regardless. Until then, Revelation can easily be downloaded on i-tunes and/or purchased on In any event, this new LLB album comes highly recommended and is worth the purchase.

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