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Los Angeles serves The Fix for burger cravings

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Lucky are Angelenos to experience every facade of every great comfort food. Los Angeles has now mushroomed with the presence of many places serving the hybrid burger; from the typical diner plate, to the moving food truck target, to the exotic and gourmet. Finding the perfect, juicy burger amidst the hype of burger joints in Los Angeles is like finding a needle in a haystack, well maybe a perfect needle in a pin cushion. Seeing as it is the National Burger Month, let us look at the lesser popular locations to get a bun and a patty.

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The niche of The Fix Burger is certified humane burgers that cover the range of different meats such as lamb, buffalo and ostrich.

The Fix with Seoul: 1/2 pound of meat, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, button mushrooms, Korean slaw, jack cheese, Korean sauce and mayo. It was one messy package. The beef was thick, medium inside, and turned out to be under-seasoned. Thank you to the Korean slaw and the sauce that gave it much-needed flavor and juice. The Korean slaw came out as Kimchi, with a lesser kick and tang. The meat was juicy and the sauce was slightly watery so that the buns had no chance for survival. To withstand the weight and dilution is to hope for the burger fairy to come and wave her wand to save the plate. It was falling apart as soon as it hit the table and became a knife and fork burger.

The Veggie Ono: veggie burger, mushrooms, teriyaki sauce, pineapple, jack cheese, and mayo. It was "okay," none has ever made this writer speechless in either a good or bad way. The burger itself was fine; it had good texture but under-seasoned yet again. The pineapple was sweet and the teriyaki was on the sweeter side as well; this made the flavors slightly off. It does make it hard to envision a savory, juicy burger when you can clearly taste dessert.

The garlic fries were a perfect side dish; in fact, another order and it would have been the main dish. The fries were crispy, and the garlic was embedded in each bite and even in the burnt after-fried bits at the bottom. The garlic basil mayo was not necessary but with each dip added an elevated taste that bordered fried food bliss. It was just fried comfort food that can make anyone feel good. The homemade breaded shrooms were also delicious. They had panko breading and were fried to a golden color that made them crispy but not burnt. The button mushrooms inside were perfectly cooked and still juicy, with a combination of oil and their own juices. It was a progression of addiction with each bite.

The simple seasoning on each patty at The Fix may be due to the aggressive toppings they provide; whether successful depends on the ones that bite into it. The honored burger may have to be elevated another day, but it does deserve a chance. Whether we partake in the popular, the humble, the fast, the mobile, the gourmet or the exotic, the burger is one comfort food that definitely needs more than a month of recognition.

The Fix Burger is located at 2520 Hyperion Ave., Silverlake, LA, CA 90027. T: (323) 661-8494. Sorry, no alcohol. They accept cash and all major credit cards.