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Los Angeles poet Feo Bastantemente flies under the radar… unfortunately.

Los Angeles poet Feo Bastantemente flies under the radar… unfortunately
Los Angeles poet Feo Bastantemente flies under the radar… unfortunately
Feo Bastantemente



It’s the same usual suspects in the Los Angeles poetry scene. This is no complaint. The usual suspects here in this poetic renaissance are truly profound. That said, every once in a while you come across a new voice who deserves a blue light illuminated upon the brow. Such as what occurs at the Cobalt every Tuesday night, at the open mic hosted by Rick Lupert, which is by all means, looking pretty good these days.

On July 26, 2014, at the Last Saturday of the month reading at the Encino/Tarzana Library, hosted by Wyatt Underwood and Ron Dvorkin: Salvatore LaRussa A.K.A Feo Bastantemente took to the open mic and shared his words with the audience.

Much of his poetry and lyrics are inspired by LA culture, touching on homelessness and the Hollywood façade Angelenos know so well.


movie-set studios fantasy chime

fantastically hidden

from the church pew


down on piss stained streets

whose unmarked stars

may dream of you

© Salvatore LaRussa

The following poem is a representation of the surreal juxtaposition of luxurious "artist lofts" in the most impoverished regions of downtown LA. When reading the work of this artist, it is obvious his words come from a pure place, a place both reflective and honest. This is a sugar-free symphony here. “This is no Hollywood dream…”


up, down, sideways, you grin

yet while frowning on

down and out kids

from on high

in luscious confines

of your penthouse suite

so sweet

with a view of old skid row

sitting untying satin bows

so sullen

given your karma seems

so clean



© Salvatore LaRussa

In addition, the beatnik jazz stylings of Feo Bastantemente can be viewed on the accompanied video as 3 original songs presented as a medley. 4:30am / Again my Seraphim / Trees of Feather Leaves

Lyrics are shown below:

"4:30 AM"

Aw, would ya look at the time?? the time is Now. . .
drippin like rain drops, soft. . .
soft, fluid and somehow
Room temperature, kinda like
flapjacks at an all-nite diner
just waitn for that underground
train to begin
LA city public transit blues til. . .
singin the blues til 4:30AM
Pacific Standard Time
Los Angeles
Pacific Standard Time


Angels in the sky
Ashes from on high
Blindin Ray of Light
Blazin down like a meteorite
Burn divine
now I know ya mind
little light o'mine gona let ya Shine


well I woke up in a dream
and I floated (that's right) downstream
tell ya 'bout all the things I'd seen

but would ya believe

high up in the clouds
diamond sea
sweet nectar drippin slow
from trees of feather leaves
a beautiful angel-like girl lookin at me
but look out, she got a disease

I don't know what to do
when I'm lookin at you
and my eyes.. they can see
but my mind whispers deceit

All music and lyrics © Salvatore LaRussa AKA: Feo Bastantemente

Readers can only hope that this artist continues to enlight and excite audiences throughout Los Angeles. Feo Bastantemente is a voice to be heard, and a name to make note of. Hopefully, Bastantemente gets the play he deserves, there is room even in LA for new voices. After all, our city was built on being a room with a view.

Follow him on Facebook to find him hitting the stage.

Thank you for viewing this article and for supporting the poetry of Los Angeles and the artists which make the culture of this city so colorful and alive.

Quoted text: “This is no Hollywood dream…” is an excerpt from Cenotaph of the Swallowtail © Apryl Skies – RED FEZ

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