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Lorde wowed sold out Peabody Opera House in Saint Louis Thursday

Lorde at the Peabody Opera House Tuesday March 20


One of the biggest pop artists right now is Lorde from New Zealand. The 17 year old Grammy winner is in the middle of her first North American tour and St. Louis was lucky enough to host one of only 16 tour dates on Thursday with a sold out performance at the Peabody Opera House.

Lorde performed Thursday at a sold out Peabody Opera House and wowed the crowd.
Sean Derrick/Thyrd Eye Photography
Lorde performing Thursday at a sold out Peabody Opera House
Sean Derrick/Thyrd Eye Photography

Lorde entered the stage with a single overhead light and sang “Glory and Gore”, immediately making a statement that the show would focus primarily on her incredible voice.

Keeping true to that form the stage was adorned with minimal props: a few intense lights at the side, a few more behind her, a half dozen candles and a chandelier above as three video screens hung from the back (Which weren’t even utilized until well into the show). Efficiency seemed to be the rule of thumb for the night.

Backed only by keyboardist Ben Barter and drummer Jimmy Mac Lorde exemplified a simple approach, but one that built to a soaring crescendo at the end of the show with her smash hit “Royals” and “Team” before finishing with “A World Above” complete with confetti cannon shooting out thousands of square pieces of paper. Fans soon realized that these were adorned with Lorde’s profile on each sheet and many were scooped up as souvenirs.

Lorde stopped only a few times to address the audience, primarily focusing on her admiration to the beauty of the Peabody Opera House and also to explain the backstory behind the song “ribs” and the complexities of growing up.
The soft spoken Lorde (who talked so softly that at times it was hard to hear what she was saying. But that could have been due to the rude teens behind me who talked loudly non-stop throughout the show) usually kept a low profile but was moved to convulsions by the music many times, her large mane of hair flowing freely about, evoking similarities to a Janis Joplin or Alanis Morrisette.

But make no mistake her musical style is her own and she had the sold out crowd mesmerized by her outstanding performance of her songs which are entrenched in deep thought-provoking writing , even if it was for only 70 minutes.

Her powerful vocals were front and center and awe-inspiring. Lifting effortlessly though a 14 song set (primarily of songs from her debut CD “Pure Heroine”) that ran the gamut from simple to complex, her vocal range and ability to convey the struggles of growing up proving to those in attendance that she will be more than a flash in the pan.

Her only attempt at flashy was a wardrobe change in the middle of “Team” when she exited the stage and returned wearing a gold lamé robe that flowed freely about and complimented her tantric dance style acutely.

Lo Fang opened the show with a low key set.

Lorde setlist:
1) Glory and Gore
2) Biting Down
3) Tennis Court
4) White Teeth Teens
5) Buzzcut Season
6) Swingin’ Party (The Replacements cover)
7) Still Sane
8) 400 Lux
9) Bravado
10) Easy (Son Lux cover)
11) Ribs
12) Royals
13) Team
14) A World Above

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