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Lorde: An authentic powerhouse performer

Lorde live in Phoenix


Lorde made a concert stop in Phoenix, April 17, 2014, at the Comerica Theatre in between her two weekend appearances at Coachella. The 17 year old phenomenon is riding high this year off her success with her “standard” hit record “Royals” and her subsequent album “Pure Heroine.” When your song is covered by the likes of performers that include Bruce Springsteen, it must be considered a standard!

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©Mary F. Andrews

Ella Yelich-O’Connor, aka Lorde, was born in New Zealand in 1996 to a mother who is a prize-winning poet. Lorde began singing and writing songs with her guitar at the age of thirteen. Actually Lorde became infatuated with singing and acting at the ripe old age of five. She has been on course for fame since. Lorde has received various accolades worldwide that have culminated with two Grammys this year. She won for Song of the Year and for Best Pop Solo Performance for her debut single “Royals.” For more information on Lorde’s meteoric rise to pop stardom, click here.

The show was expected to draw primarily “tween” fans, but the crowd consisted of fans all ages. Everyone was excited to see and hear today’s favorite 17 year old! There were few props except for two floor candles and three ornate empty frames in the rear of the stage. The lighting was low except for a single spotlight on Lorde with the opening song, “Glory and Gore.”

That set the mood for her 75-minute show filled with songs of teenage angst. Her songs possess a genuine quality that is missing from a lot of pop music today. Therein lies the widespread appeal of her music. There were no pyro technics or flashing lights, just Lorde on the large stage with a small band and a large chandelier overhead.

It was immediately apparent that Lorde was there to entertain and entertain she did! She uses a lot of dramatic moves while she sings and she reaches out to her audience frequently. She danced during the breaks in the songs and her moves resembled fast, seizure like motions. Her long hair flew and often she would go down close the floor. The crowd was enthusiastically on their feet for the whole show. For a complete set list, click here.