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#Lootcrate May 2014 (Adventure) review: Minecraft Hanger

Unboxing of May Loot Crate's Minecraft hanger.
Unboxing of May Loot Crate's Minecraft hanger.
Michael Tresca

Minecraft Hanger


May’s Loot Crate theme was Adventure, and the product my son was looking forward to the most was anything related to Minecraft. He was not disappointed. The accompanying brochure describes the product:

We know, we know! Everyone gets crazy excited for surprises in their Loot Crate but this time you get another inside! Rip open this Minecraft bag and inside is a fun hanger toy that you can pretty much put wherever you want! Did you get a Creeper? What about a Pickaxe? Send us pictures of where you’re hanging yours!

Minecraft is described by Candice Shane in issue 10 of Loot Crate magazine:

It was around 2008 that people started hearing more and more about the project that Markus “Notch” Persson was creating. A creative building, resource-mining, exploratory, crafting and combat heavy game, that wouldn’t lean on complex graphics, but would instead empower the gamer to create whatever world they wanted. This is the world of Minecraft. While the sun shines, you’re given the abilities to craft anything you want from the resources you’ve dredged up from the ground. Quietly, mobs inch forward to find you building and when the darkness falls, you fight even more terrors in the form of Creepers. It might take you a little bit to get the rhythm of what your world will throw at you but from there on, truly, the sky is the limit.

My six-year-old ended up with a Minecraft skeleton. He was surprised the skeleton didn’t come with its trademark bow, but enjoyed it nonetheless. It has a clip (where do you hang these things from, anyway?), but the real surprise is that the limbs comes apart. Since the clip is connected to the head, you can just have a skeleton head dangle from somewhere. My son rated the skeleton Awesome (four stars). You can purchase your own hanger at Amazon.

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