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#Lootcrate May 2014 (Adventure) review: Describing the Legend t-shirt

Describing the Legend (hint: it's Link from Legends of Zelda).
Describing the Legend (hint: it's Link from Legends of Zelda).
Loot Crate

Describing the Legend t-shirt


May’s Loot Crate theme was Adventure, and the crowning jewel of the crate is this shirt. As shirts go it’s actually quite a lot of fun – one of those shirts where someone will stare at you trying to read all the words accompanying Link, the legendary hero of The Legend of Zelda video game franchise. The accompanying brochure describes the product:

The fine people at Zen Monkey Studios crafted this incredible and exclusive Link shirt just for our Looters! Typography builds the body of one of our first real gaming Adventure heroes and even details some of the plot points to some of his greatest exploits! Wear with pride!

Keri Honea explained the Legend of Zelda’s appeal as the first open-world sandbox game:

For many people, The Legend of Zelda was their first, non-linear, almost open world adventure experience save those who played Adventure on Atari 2600 or the dozens of text adventure games. More importantly, The Legend of Zelda was Nintendo’s first “communication” game, where gameplay LINKED you, the player, to the game (and no, that name of the hero is not a coincidence) and made you think, discuss, and share with others how to play.

My six-year-old son claimed this shirt. Even though it’s a men’s small it’s large on him, but he didn’t mind; he rated it Epic (five stars). You can order this shirt at Use code LOOTERS to save 15% on any order.

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