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#Lootcrate May 2014 (Adventure) review: Dangerous to Go Alone Opener

Unboxing of May Loot Crate's Don't Go It Alone bottle opener.
Unboxing of May Loot Crate's Don't Go It Alone bottle opener.
Michael Tresca

Dangerous to Go Alone Opener


May’s Loot Crate theme was Adventure and you get this opener. It’s not a beer bottle opener because we wouldn’t to make any assumptions about the age of the person opening the crate, so let’s just call it a potion bottle opener. The accompanying brochure describes the product:

This “Dangerous to Go Alone” Opener is going to get you through many a situation when you’re without a way to open up a frosty bottle of root beer or, well, whatever libation you want! A Loot Crate exclusive!

The text is from The Legend of Zelda video game. Know Your Meme explains:

In the beginning of The Legend of Zelda, the player’s character Link acquires his first weapon by entering a cave and speaking to an elderly man, who offers a wooden sword by saying “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this”

Keri Honea explained the Legend of Zelda’s appeal as the first open-world sandbox game:

For many people, The Legend of Zelda was their first, non-linear, almost open world adventure experience save those who played Adventure on Atari 2600 or the dozens of text adventure games. More importantly, The Legend of Zelda was Nintendo’s first “communication” game, where gameplay LINKED you, the player, to the game (and no, that name of the hero is not a coincidence) and made you think, discuss, and share with others how to play.

There are a few problems with this opener. For one, the iconic “It’s dangerous to go it alone! Take this” is microscopic. The old man in question looks like a mushroom at that scale. It has a handy key ring to put it on your key chain, for potion-related emergencies. We rated it Okay (three stars).

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