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#Lootcrate May 2014 (Adventure) review: Curator Sticker Set

Loot Crate Curator Sticker Set


May’s Loot Crate theme was Adventure, and the Curator Sticker Set is pretty much the price of entry. The accompanying brochure describes the product:

Stickers and avatars of May Loot Crate's curators.
Loot Crate

Utilize these stickers to show your love for your favorite YouTubers that helped curate the items in this crate. The perfect way to show your support for our friends at Polaris and Maker! From Maker to Polaris, you’ve got some serious candidates for that blank canvas on the back of your phone!

Just about everyone is covered, but here’s the profiles of those who aren’t included elsewhere:

  • Lizzie, aka LDShadowLady love cats, anything cute, and Minecraft! But don’t just call her a Minecrafter, she plays games of all types adding her special blend of silliness and fun.
  • New or old, next-gen or classic, Josh Jepson loves video games. Not only has Josh grown an amazing main “Let’s Play” channel, he also created Versus with his good friend AttackingTucans. Join Josh as he plays and laughs through it all.
  • Jwittz, eats, breathes, and lives everything Pokemon. His passion for the game and the lore shines through his videos. From LP’s, to fun facts and trivia uploads, TheJwittz is an authority on Pokemon and is expanding into the entire Nintendo Universe.

My four-year-old daughter claimed these stickers, and she was particularly happy with LDShadowLady’s sticker. She rated the sticker set Awesome (four stars).

Want your own Loot Crate? Sign up at ($19.37/month for one month) and use code JUNELOOT to receive $3 off.

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