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#Lootcrate July 2014 (Villains) review: Exclusive Rocket Raccoon Comic

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Loot Crate

Exclusive Rocket Raccoon Comic


Loot Crate is a monthly service in which you receive geek-friendly merchandise at a discount, grouped around a particular theme. This month’s theme was villains, which is pretty broad – villains are in all kinds of media so the possibilities for what might be inside were endless. Included in the crate is this comic, an issue about Rocket Raccoon's issues.

Now I usually divide up the contents of these crates between my six-year-old boy and four-year-old girl. Loot Crate has been fairly obliging in this regard because there's usually two different toys that I can divide up between them. Unfortunately, this Loot Crate has been light on the toys, so I decided to give her this comic. This was a hilariously terrible mistake.

I picked up the Guardians of the Galaxy comic book for Free Comic Book day and didn't realize that it had been sanitized for a generic audience. In retrospect this makes sense; Rocket Raccoon may be a cute furry raccoon but he's not kid friendly, and this comic reinforces just how insane the world that is RR really is. Rocket seems to have a fondness for petite women.

Despite the fact that I have to edit the content when I read it to my kids (who frequently ask me to read it to them), the comic is actually quite funny. I'll give it four out of five.

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