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Looking for some unique spice to turn your boring meal into something flavourful

TongueSpank Spices
TongueSpank Spices
TongueSpank Spice Company

TongueSpank Spices


On April 10, 2014, Manalapan health Examiner Stacey Chillemi reviewed the product TongueSpank Spices. These spices can be use on just about any food or meal to enhance the taste. Whether you’re looking to make a weekend wonder delight for your friends and family or you’re just looking for some unique spice to turn your boring meal into something flavourful and exciting - Tonguespank spices has just what you need to add excitement and phenomenal flavour to your meals.

Liquor & Heat - Complete Collection

Do you feel like you’re making the same boring meals over and over? Do you feel like your meals lack flavor? Maybe it is time to experiment with some unique herbs and spices that will blow your meals right out of the water!

Sometimes, it can feel like your favorite recipes are falling a little flat. After making the same dish time after time, you may begin to find that your meals leave you wanting a little more flavor. Maybe you should add a sprinkle of herbs and spices, although this can be tough to do, if you aren't sure what spices work with what dishes.

Tonguespank Spice Company has created a bunch of unique blends of herbs and spices that will knock your socks right out of the water! Spices I guarantee you never heard of before and not only are the titles of the bottles intriguing, but also the flavors of these herbs and spices are phenomenal.

What I like about TongueSpank Spices

Tonguespank spices have a unique flavor that you do not find with other spices. It wakes up your sense of smell and makes your mother water. I tried four different bottles of Tonguespank spices. I tried their Citrus Rum, Garlic Grappa, Scorpion Bourbon and their Smoky Bourbon. I liked them all, but the one I liked the best was the Smoky Bourbon.

Smoky Bourbon: This blend begins with the sweet aroma of smoky morita chipotle peppers, adds depth and complexity with garlic and bourbon, and finishes up with a slow habanero-and-ghost burn that builds as long as you keep eating it. This goes well on eggs, burgers, grilled veggies... anything that can use a smoky heat. If you only try one variety, this is the one.

Garlic Grappa: If you have ever been inside an Italian kitchen, you will recognize this smell immediately. All the Tuscan herbs are here, alongside the warmth of a balsamic vinegar and Italian brandy blend. Replacing the standard red pepper with habanero chilies kicks the whole combination up a few notches. Try it on pasta or in a marinara sauce.

Citrus Rum Table Blend: This blend is a must-try for seafood and pork lovers. Three different citrus fruits combine with spiced rum and cloves to create a tropical combination, plus a dash of habanero heat at the end. Another potential use: combine it with sugar around the rim of a cocktail glass.

Scorpion Bourbon: This is a combination of hot spices. They start with Smoky Bourbon and turn it up to 11. They use Trinidad Moruga Scorpions, one of the hottest peppers in the world at up to two million Scoville units (compare that to Jalapeños at 20,000). Peppers this hot are hard to find, but you will not need much anyway.

The spices carry their own distinct flavor and they all smell and taste very good. There really is no best one because it depends what you like. Everyone has their own taste, but ever you buy you won’t be disappointed and neither will your friends and family.

The spices came quickly, packaged well and as I mentioned earlier they tasted very good. You can use them on any meat, chicken, pasta, vegetables or fish or even throw a little into a stew to liven up the taste. I will continue to use these spices and I highly recommend them to others.