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Looking for natural lip and cheek colors? Review: OenoBeauty


Oeno cheek and lip stain


I talk with ladies who are health and / or eco-conscious, vegans / vegetarians, and so forth who tell me they don't wear make-up (and I include myself in this group), because they don't want to put anything on their face that has questionable ingredients. Yet these gals still love to be stylish (eco-stylish is the new term) - so what to do?

Many of us earthy natural types have searched the health or other organic food type stores for stuff to add a glow to our face, yet when we study the labels too many products always seems to include something we consider "less than" natural / healthy.

So I've been asking, what else is possible? Bingo bongo! I have something NEW to tell ya about!

A couple of weeks ago a reader reached out to me about a new company! We have a natural and health choice now for lips and cheeks! Introducing... OenoBeauty!

The first thing that really stood out to me was that OenoBeauty lip and cheek color products contain concentrated grape-seed extract, that promises to deliver a big antioxidant punch! Wow! Now we can have a bit of natural good-looking color while putting something GOOD on our skin?

OenoBeauty calls their blush a stain, which definitely made sense to me - as my lips tend to take on the color of whatever wine I'm drinking - maybe you have noticed that as well?

I was sure excited to learn more about these products and this start-up!

Here's what I've learned:

The cheek stain products boast powerful vitamins / antioxidants that come directly from the grapes which, can improve our skin’s resistance - allowing it to fight off any free radical damage.

The lip gloss products contain all the same healthy grape ingredients and steer clear of anything icky to make them glossy!

The lip gloss contains something called Zenigloss which, is supposed to be "a totally natural emollient that's approved by EcoCert for its eco-friendly, organic quality." So my readers know what this means... I looked it up!

Now the twist is that a lot of companies can use the word "natural" because they are taking something, as in the case of Zenigloss, they're taking castor oil, and working it with succinic acid to change it into a polymer. I admit that when I read the word polymer I started to get a little nervous. However, when I dug a bit deeper and read about succinic acid I began to feel better and gained respect for what the formulators were trying to achieve by making Zenigloss (which is the part of OenoBeauty's lip gloss that makes it glossy).

I have also read in the cosmetic industry about products, lipsticks and glosses that used various chemicals to achieve shine and gloss that I did not want to put on my skin - so call me skeptical, but I had to look it up. I strive to use the word "natural" in its truest definition of the term.

OenoBeauty's lip glosses and cheek stains come in colors inspired by the various types of wine people make and enjoy:

The lip glosses are available in these luscious colors:

  • Peachy Pink / Bellini (the one I've been wearing)
  • Plum / Meritage
  • Clear with sparkle / Champagne
  • Ruby Red / Pinot

The blushes / cheek stains come in these creamy colors:

  • Pink / Granache
  • Mauve / Viognier
  • Coral / Malbec
  • Garnet Red / Cabernet
  • Rose / Sangiovese

I received several colors of lip gloss and two cheek stains to review. Since I normally do not wear lipstick, or lip glass I was hesitant (and as I said, needed to do my research) but since I was also curious I tried one at at time, over a week's time. I was surprised how long the gloss stayed on my lips and how much better my lips felt. (Compliments are sweet too!)

The reason I haven't used blush in YEARS is because I have a pinkness to my cheeks (maybe because I smile so much). I never thought I needed extra color. However, after trying the Grenache check color it does seem to nicely smooth out my skin tone (guess I have a few freckles).

Then I thought... hmm will anyone notice the difference? Well, I am here to tell you - a few have! It's so funny when someone asks, did you do anything different, cut your hair, or change something? You look gorgeous!

So, I've alternated between wearing the lip gloss and cheek color one day, then nothing on the next - just to see what, if any, reactions I get. I have not mentioned to anyone what I was doing, just having fun noting the responses. (Smile!)

I am so pleased to tell you about this company, and their products. Being a wine enthusiast and writer, this article was so much fun! I love blogging about people who make a difference. Even if it's just to add more beauty and FUN into our world! I love the fact that the company was started by a self-starter gal who paired up two things she loves, natural beauty products and wine!

I am also fairly intrigued that the founder chose to honor a Greek goddess of wine by selecting the name: Oeno. ;) Cool, huh?

I am grateful to be one of the first to review and blog about these natural, sexy lip and cheek colors! Something so easy to wear that can provide health benefits! I'm in! Thank you Julia ;)

Here's more information about OenoBeauty! Please send me a note and let me know how you like them!

Here's the deal:

OenoBeauty was founded in June 2012 by Julia Polloreno. She wasn't a beauty industry insider, didn't have a sponsor, or funding. She just had a brilliant idea to use wine in cosmetics, and had a passion for creating a quality product without toxins or chemicals in it.

Buy OenoBeauty products here:

Read more about Julia's story on this Huffington Post story - Click Here.

The benefits you may experience from wearing OenoBeauty lip and cheek colors:

  1. Even if you don't like wine, or can't drink it - you can wear it!
  2. We're porous - your skin will absorb some nutritional content from the wine.
  3. You'll have a bit more color on your face.
  4. Enjoy looking at your face in the mirror ;)
  5. Receive compliments - making you feel special!
  6. Not break the bank - lip glosses are only $14 and cheek stains $22!
  7. Many wine-inspired named colors to choose from!
  8. Products DO NOT contain: parabens, sulfates, pthalates, GMOs, PPGs, MEA, DEA, TEAs, formaldehyde, and triclosan.

See them all on their website:

Take it upon yourself to be healthy, joyful, vibrant, and beautiful. Be who you want to be.

Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.

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