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Look to Kim Seybert for high-end tablescape pieces

Kim Seybert Moroccan Melamine dinnerware


Kim Seybert entertaining and tabletop products are luxury, high-end, and one of-a-kind pieces that turn a table into a true tablescape. They are pricey but if you are feeding the boss, angling for a new job or promotion, this may be what you want to use to leave an impression. These products will also wow the potential in-laws, or prove that you can go all out for people you care about impressing or winning over (let’s hope your food is that good!).

Courtesy of Kim Seybert
Kim Seybert website photograph
Courtesy of Kim Seybert

We’ve taken a glorious set of photographs in the slideshow representing Kim’s Moroccan Melamine dinnerware which would be appropriate for any type of summer entertaining or when you want to conjur up hot, tropical nights or serve spicy foods.

We’ve hooked up with Kim Seybert herself and she was kind enough to answer some questions about her business, along with tips on entertaining expertise and sass.

Q.: For readers who don't know about Kim Seybert products, perhaps you can tell us about your background.

Kim: As the authority on luxury lifestyle entertaining, Kim Seybert brings sophistication and glamour to the world of home decor.

Kim’s Background:
Raised in a small town of Illinois, I always knew I wanted to do something in the glamorous world of fashion and design. After finishing my studies at the University of Illinois, I moved to NYC and continued to take design classes in New York City, where I always aspired to be. Working at high end dress companies, my career specialty and focus became sourcing and working alongside factories and artisans trained in the intricate, couture-level techniques of hand-beading and embroidery.

After a decade in fashion, I was ready for a change and a decision to take time to redecorate my New York apartment during this transition led me to discover the lack of colorful, creative, fashion-inspired tableware in the market. Shortly thereafter, I launched my eponymous company instantly bringing a fresh perspective into the home accessories arena and elevating the art of tabletop to a new level.

For the past fifteen years, the Kim Seybert company has transformed homes all over the world by putting my signature embellished touch on everything from lavishly beaded and jeweled runners and placemats, to napkins hand-embroidered in Vietnam, to delicate mouth-blown glass glittering with accents of gold and platinum. The collections always reflect my love of travel, architecture, world cultures, and keeping artisanal handi-craft traditions alive in a unique fashion-inspired style that is truly “couture for the table.”

Q.: Do you design and fabricate your settings and placemats or is there another process?

Kim: I am proud to say that we design everything in our line here in my New York City showroom and I seek out artisans and small factories in all of the countries I visit that can produce my collections while maintain the high quality and hand-nature quality of the products.

The process to create some of my pieces is time consuming and complex. Using a beaded runner or placemat as an example, I approach in a similar way I did when designing dresses. I start out by sketching my design to scale on pattern paper, as we did in the fashion industry and render them in color. Then we go into the market to source interesting beads and materials to make these pieces come alive.

Each and every element of the runner or placemat is carefully chosen and I try to come up with new and innovative techniques that will bring out the textures and sensual qualities of these special pieces. After we find all of the components, we meticulously lay out the placement of each bead, gem, rhinestone, sequin and more by hand on the pattern paper before it is sent abroad to our select group of artisans.There is a lot of back and forth communication between us and these skilled artisans to get the piece just right. It is a hard and laborious process taking weeks to produce. I very much appreciate the dying art of handicrafts and want my customers to realize that these pieces are not mass produced by machines.

Q.: Do you have specific tips for homeowners about how to add pizzazz for a home event?

Kim: When entertaining at home, the best way to add pizzazz is to set a beautiful table. I find that it makes people feel special and they appreciate the effort. A beautiful or fun tablescape will also help to set the tone for the event; that everyone will have a wonderful evening. I also like to include simple fresh cut flowers or candles to my tables.

Q.: How would you best store highly decorative objects or precious placemats?

Kim: Because of the nature of my business, I have a lot of my product at home and have actually created shelving units in my basement to store these tabletop items. I invested in plastic boxes from the Container Store where I keep the items organized by color. I use cloth quilted storage cases (from the Container Store) for my fine China and glassware to keep them safe and dust free. All of these boxes are labeled which help me to locate and organize all of my tabletop and decorative objects.

Q.: Is there anything you would like to tell Home and Living readers?

Kim: Don’t be afraid to entertain! It is such a simple yet luxurious way to enhance your life and be able to spend time with friends and family. One can set a table and make dinner at any price point whether it is a backyard BBQ or a formal affair in the dining room.

And I always tell customers to let their personal style and taste preferences shine through, no matter what the decor or color combination. For example, my seer sucker napkins are an inexpensive way to enhance a table. They come in fun and unexpected color combinations and will look like you put in a great effort to create a special evening

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