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‘Longmire’ recap: ‘Of Children and Travelers’ the road we take

of children and travelers
of children and travelers



A young Russian girl named Paulina hitchhikes her way to death but not before taking a picture of the driver. Snapping pictures is a precautionary practice of Paulina’s so authorities can find solve her murder in case she is killed by some highway maniac. Alas, this would indeed be Paulina’s last hitchhiking venture.

Kate visits Henry, who is not looking his best in jail. Orange is not his new black. Obviously, the inmates are not the friendly type. Henry’s lawyer never showed up at the Tri-County jail and prison personnel is constantly giving Walt the runaround. By the way, there is someone else who is not looking so great - Branch. Take one more week off from work, Branch. Take two.

Walt and Vic pay a visit to Paulina’s adoptive parents, the Greens, who state the 17-year-old ran away from home 11 months ago. They did not report her missing because frankly, they were glad to see the violent little Hades-raiser go. So the next stop for Walt and Vic is a reform school in Arizona. The serial number on Paulina’s cell phone is traced back to the school but the phone really belongs to Mr. Young, the missing head of security. Where did he go off to?

The Native Americans, led by Malachi and his “brotherhood,” incarcerated at the Tri-County jail run the show. Malachi gives Henry a pretty clear choice, “Go red or go dead.” What the heck!

A young girl at the reform school with computer privileges volunteers to help Walt and Vic. Paulina always sent her photos of those who gave her a ride. Thanks to Branch, Walt and Vic find Mr. Young at the motel. Aside from making sexist remarks about women, Mr. Young explains he’s laying low after realizing Paulina stole his cell phone. He believes he will probably lose his job. Ya think? Mr. Young is such a pervert. One could easily guess he liked to get handsy with anything female no matter what age, race, creed, religion or species. Thankfully, Walt and Vic haul his slime ball backside to jail.

Walt and his team question another man who also denies murdering the ruffian who lived to terrorize anyone she came in contact with. The man is innocent but does have an interesting story to tell. He claims Paulina confided in him that she was being abused by her father which leads Walt and Vic back to the adoptive parents. There is one problem. Although the Greens lied about the last time they saw Paulina, they did sign her off some time ago to be “re-homed’ by another family, the Gunthers.

Walt drops by the Tri-County jail to see his friend Henry but gets Malachi instead. According to Malachi, Henry is busy getting reacquainted with his roots. You dastard!

It turns out the last guy who gave Paulina a ride didn’t kill her either. He merely dropped her off at a trailer park and left her there because he got scared. It was Paulina who had murder in her eyes. In desperate need of a clue, Vic stalks the chat rooms for parents looking to trade in their kids as if they were on Amazon or something. In other words, the search is on for the Gunthers.
In actuality, Paulina returned to retrieve her sister Sophie from the evil clutches of fake daddy Gunther who it turns out is the one responsible for Paulina’s death. Mrs. Gunther admitted that her husband got upset with Paulina for coming to take Sophie away and choked Paulina to death. Sophie ended up with a better outcome after all once Walt rescued her.

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