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Longman & Eagle offers 'Sausage Saturdays' at OSB

Sausage Saturdays at Longman & Eagle's OSB: Ram merguez sausage
Sausage Saturdays at Longman & Eagle's OSB: Ram merguez sausage
Elizabeth SanFilippo

Longman & Eagle's OSB Sausage Saturdays


Longman & Eagle is known for offering classic American cuisine with a modern twist, and that’s no exception with their newest venture: "Sausage Saturdays" at OSB (Off Site Bar), which is located directly behind the restaurant in the garage.

On March 23, OSB featured just three sausages, all of which were thick, juicy, and delicious in their own right. They were all served on a brioche bun, which was perhaps inspired by Franks ‘N’ Dawgs.

Even the bratwurst wasn’t your standard fare; made in house with lamb and pork from Slagel Family Farm, the sausage was topped with sweet caramelized onions and beer mustard. The hearty and meaty Ram merguez sausage was smothered in a kind of salad along with cream cheese and snappy red wine pickles.

But the best, arguably, was Longman & Eagle OSB’s wild boar sausage. Not only did Sous Chef Matthew “Skittles” Sliwinski manage to create a delicate but thick and hearty sausage, but also a perfectly pickled and tangy Italian giardinera. Some pea vines were thrown on top for good measure as well.

Every weekend the “pop-up” restaurant will offer different sausages, but one thing will remain a constant: tasty sausages and crunchy home-made chips for $10 a pop. In the summer, expect them to open the garage door, so even more patrons can enjoy this delicious American fare.

The sausages are available only on Saturdays starting at 11am, and the OSB will remain open as long as there's sausages to serve.

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