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Long Island Medium- Theresa Caputo

Theresa Caputo- Long Island Medium


There is a New TV Reality Show in town and it is called the Long Island Medium featuring Theresa Caputo. I could not be happier than I am as I sit here knowing finally there is a show that just might shed some light on the world of Psychic Mediums. Is this show true to form? Is this how all Psychic Mediums do what they do? Are we as Psychic, Mediums and or Psychic Mediums being portrayed accurately?

I have said it many times before, there is no difference between a psychic, medium or psychic medium than anyone else that you know. We are friends, partners, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, siblings, etc…hardworking, educated, friendly, like to enjoy life and have the same dreams as anyone else in the world. We just have this connection, this knowing, this gift as many will say to be able to discern the difference between who is physically walking around in this world and those who in the spirit world whom walk around just as you and I. We have this understanding that we can see, hear, feel, smell, taste and understand they are with us and they are just as involved with us now, as they were when they were physically here with us.

Let us take a quick look and share what you really need to know about mediums, psychic mediums and psychics. These are all the buzz words that each and every individual has heard at some point in their life. Even more so now with this new reality TV show that is getting all the buzz satarted again. Whether you have had a friend, family member or co-worker offer to tell you about their own experience wth a psychic or medium, or maybe you have had the chance to watch the much familiar television shows and movies that are widely available. At some point you have had an interesting story to tell or listen to around the table. But there is so much to know about these three areas that seem talked about a lot but not much known. Looking at exactly what are Mediums, psychic mediums and psychics.

To learn the truths the do’s and don’ts, the myths, especially if you plan on opening yourself up to be a medium and or a psychic and what you truly need to know when you go to see one. You see being a medium has so much baggage of old energy, meaning that individuals have all kinds of notions in their minds on what a medium is. But many are still not quite sure what a medium is, as they believe they are just psychics telling the future. As with a psychic a psychic is someone that just about anyone has heard of, through their own experience, a family member or friend who has visited one in the past.. A lot of mediums do call themselves psychics, but in truth a psychic is not a medium. But a Medium is a psychic, hence the name psychic medium.

It has only been in recent years that more individuals have had a chance to experience what a medium does through the introduction of these various television shows and movies.

More importantly you have been introduced to the world of Psychics and Mediums with John Edward, James Van Praagh, and Lisa Williams and now they bring to you The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo.

With Theresa Caputo nothing is off limits when it comes to her communicating to others, that those in spirit are right there standing beside you and this is what they have to say. How awesome is it for us to get a bird eye view into the life of Theresa and how she herself works with those in the spirit realms? She is spunky, narrative, clear in her messages and her nails and hair are her top priority as much as her family and friends. She is cute and personable and right up there with that Jersey/ Long Island accent that everyone around the globe has come to want to hear more of and enjoys. Theresa Caputo we thank you for your work and love to all those you meet with each step you take and each message you deliver.

My students have watched the show and they take pleasure in seeing someone on TV do what they themselves can do and how personable, good and entertaining that she is. I can say for the times I have watched, I have seen her reference that she gets what she gets from spirit and just has to deliver it. Which I find amusing and I have to step back and ask, as a psychic medium where her responsibility is? You see I have this thing about just walking up to someone and delivering messages when they never asked for one. Maybe as I am an old-school Medium, as I know the importance of asking to deliver a message to the recipient (having their permission) verses what is called an invasion of privacy. If spirit truly does not invade your privacy without you asking...then why should we? But we have to remember this is TV and it is okay to do so as long as you tell the recipient that it is all for TV and they sign the paper work giving their permission to be filmed. ohhhh.... and it is after the message is delivered or otherswise there would not be that WOW factor, right? Giving permission to have someone delivers messages from spirit for your highest and best.

Compared to what Theresa delivers and to those who she helps in their healing, closure and happiness, for her getting out there to bring to the viewing audience a piece of who we all really are, is this worth asking permission? From this visionary medium…yes, to the viewing audience ….no. And that is okay, as long as they are getting what they are asking for, a look into the real life of a psychic medium with no judgments in who she is and what she does. Beside she is too cute not to like!

This Visionary Medium sees that the future of psychic and mediums has just turned a huge corner, a little world known as Reality TV.


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright©2012 Adele Marie- Angelic Wise Ones

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