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Lone Survivor: a US military propaganda gore film

Lone Survivor (2013)


Firstly Lone Survivor was just so boring and predictable. I never once was surprised.

Based on True Acts of Courage
Lone Survivor

The action sequences were atrocious. Way to many close up where in which we see gore but are taken out of the idea of war. Half the film seemed like repetitive sequences of men falling down a mountain. It was like if 15 minutes after the D-Day opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan, the film finished.

The level of violence was beyond gratuitous, totally over the top and without a reason. There wasn't a stylistic advantage or plot advantage. It seemed like a time filler because they had a 3 minute story that needed to take up 121 minutes.

There was nothing to tell me, I knew everything that would happen right from the beginning, even down to someone from the "other side" finding and aiding him. That aspect was their last desperate attempt to not seem so propagandizing that one might question the US militarized involvement in funding the project.

The film gave a dishonest interpretation of war. It wasn't Black Hawk Down, it was Passion of the Christ. Trying to affect me with jarring visuals like a Saw film instead of inventive and unique story telling, which is almost understandable as there is little to no story to tell.

For Christ's sake they thought it appropriate to let you know all but one will die in the title of the film. Becoming emotionally invested in the characters was extremely hard as they had no backstory behind one conversation about a concert and Mark Walhberg's character not understanding how wedding parties work.

It was as if I am supposed to care about these characters just because they're military men. That makes sense as I know that the author of the book/film is the Walhberg character. That helped me understand why he portrayed this one sided, black and white story. War is grey and this film was so dishonestly weighted. It pandered to us as an audience.

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