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LoHi Steakhouse: Late. Outside. Heaven. Inside.

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LoHi Steakhouse, Bar & Restaurant


The Highlands in Denver is known for it's young, funky and laid-back demographic + the sexy, sultry and progressive bars & restaurants. LoHi Steakhouse, located on Tejon Street & right across the street from the fabulous Williams & Graham Tavern, is an orgasmic explosion in your mouth one bite after another.

Inventive, confident and tasty, LoHi Steakhouse has something to offer everyone. They have $20 bottle of wines on Wednesday's, white and red selections that actually were great selections. I ordered that Filet + a side of fries and enjoyed every single chomp. The steak was perfectly cooked & each bite just melted in my mouth.

The overall scenery is comfortable, relaxed and clean, with a fresh and cool feel to it. The manager, Meghann, came over to the table and introduced herself and team of attractive staff. Music was the perfect volume and genre, given the entire bar was flooded with young singles and couples prepping for Independence Day. LoHi Steakhouse in The Highlands, is conveniently located on the corner of one of the hottest pockets of the entire neighborhood.

Sarah was attentive, hilarious and knowledgeable on the food and drinks. It's refreshing to talk to a server as if they're your best friend. Her ability to regurgitate any menu item question we asked is wonderful. It makes the entire experience worthwhile and to bounce back as soon as possible. Love this place + think you need to flock their this weekend with family and friends to indulge in some of the best food around the town. Competitors have their work cut out for them. LoHi Steakhouse, in The Highlands, is tender cut above the rest